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Yeah and IDW have published some lovely books over the years under his stewardship.
The quality of the actual tangible paper product really has also done books like Locke & Key justice.

Makes me wonder what will become of them now.


This June, writer John Allison and artist Christine Larsen will take readers through a mysterious portal and into the world of By Night, a 12-issue series from BOOM! Studios’ BOOM! Box imprint. CBR has the first details.

Since By Night is from the creator of Giant Days, the journey promises to have a certain witty charm. Allison describes it as “combin[ing] my love of Fringe, The X-Files, Jon Ronson documentaries and long reads about the collapse of post-industrial Western society. It’s about going home after college and seeing your home town, and your old friends, through opened eyes.” Larsen adds that By Night features “interesting female protagonists, strange creatures, urban decay and sharp humor.”


That looks pretty good, definitely interested


The Solicitations for JUNE 2018 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, and Archie

Tues. edit: have added Image and Valiant

Wed. edit: have added Dark Horse, IDW, Dynamite and more.

29 company solicits for this thread, also Previews Order Forms.

Solicitations for June 2018 (w/ Previews text)


Out in July from Knockabout/Top Shelf, last I heard.

I’m hoping this will be a good send-off.


I hadn’t seen the solicits yet.

I like that final gag.


Looks good.

I hope it handles the time periods better than Century.
I like Century but the time period skipping made it an awful read.


Did you read it in individual instalments or only once it was collected?

I didn’t feel that way about the time skipping and I read it as it came out in three separate issues. I can imagine it feeling more disjointed if you read the whole thing straight through.


I’ve read it multiple times.
But yeah, first as issues.

Like I said, I enjoy Century, but the vast skips of time sucked out any adventure from it.


Nicola has obviously been sneaking into St. Frank’s seminars in awesome.




I’d buy this :wink:


Is it real?


I don’t think so. Sadly. An April’s Fools most likely.


It says “not really” right there on the image.


Ah, couldn’t see it at this magnification.

I seem to remember these April Fools jokes now.


Given that they’re up to #232 already with Erik Larsen still in control, it’s just a hoax.



I get the feeling Roberts might not be coming back with the new universe.


It does appear that he might not be back. Ah well, I don’t think I’ll be back either then.