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Rafael Albuquerque has been posting pieces of the work he’s doing on A Study in Emerald that looks really good.

I can’t get to the article right now. Does it give a reason for why Buckingham isn’t currently working on Miracleman? I’ve wondered where that all sits for a while.




Sorry. It’s his Instagram account which I don’t have access to right now. They look pretty fantastic.


No clue what’s going on with Miracleman

From 2016:

[quote]Neil posted this on facebook:


From July 2017:

From August 2017:

[quote]Thanks to the Cultured Vultures at London Film And Comic-Con a couple of weeks ago, we now know the current status. And it’s all because of the bloody kids. Mark Buckingham told them, “I’m also primarily focused now on getting Miracleman done… having accidentally ignored it for a little while! The problem is, Neil also became a Dad again, and so basically [our children] have been the reason why very little work got done! The good news is that it is coming, Neil and I have been meeting regularly to work on the new scripts together…we’ve made a few interesting changes, so it’s not going to be the exact story we’d intended to tell back in the 80’s and 90’s, we’re now thinking about it in the context of today, and in how the world’s changed.”

You know what that says to me? Miracleman 2018…

“With Neil, we’ve always had a good friendship and a nice working relationship. In this case, I’m actually co-writing the scripts for Miracleman with him…so what’s happening is we’re meeting from time to time and actually going over our plans for the stories and fleshing everything out. It’s a fun process, and it’s nice to be involved right from the outset on the development of something like this, because the storytelling aspect of it is very important to me. If I’m involved with the plotting and the scripting of the thing, it helps me get a sense of the weight and scale of a story before I sit down to draw it.”[/quote]


So anyone here excited/Interested/aware of Robert Kirkmans Oblivion Song issue 1 out this week??

Big marketing push buuuut doesn’t perk my interest one bit I’m afraid.


Yeah, it sounds really uninteresting to me too. Some nice art though.


The problem for me is, with Invincible and Walking Dead, I feel I’ve read everything Kirkman has to offer as a writer so don’t feel impelled to look at his other stuff.


I don’t know if you’ve tried Outcast, but I think it is his best work at Image.


I started out liking Outcast but like the Walking Dead it began to feel unending. I eventually gave up on it.


Yeah I’ll second that, it’s pretty good

Actually pulls off the horror element better than the show (and it’s not as feckin slow)


Did S2 of the show ever air in the US? It was on over here a year ago.


Looking at its Wikipedia page, I don’t think it did.


I remember seeing a trailer for the second season last year (maybe during Comicon) but I don’t think it every actually aired.

EDIT: Yeah, it was comicon.


That’s really weird - I’d assumed we are always behind US with this stuff - was it low ratings in US that’s held it back?


I think Cinemax rethought the type of original series they were going to do and that may have been caught in the crossfire.



Hopefully he can take Rom and his shit shared universe with him.


Shit shared universe aside, I’ve known Chris for years and he’s a really nice bloke. He’s given a lot of writers and artists their first published work. Hopefully he moves onto good things.


I’m sure he’s a lovely bloke, but he’s been responsible for (or involved with) the editorial line in IDW for over a decade now, setting the standard for the editors working for him and, well, they’ve almost uniformly been terrible.