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I’ll also annoy a lot of people here by saying I think Happy! is the best thing Grant put out in over a decade because it wasn’t obsessed with continuity or meta text. It’s a fun idea and the comic is very funny.


Yeah that’s crazy, his Batman run is the best thing he’s ever done and probably his masterpiece.



And as someone who has never read Happy I am fully qualified to say Batman is better.


That’s the internet commentary etiquette condensed (sans insults).


Has anyone read Redneck from Image? There seems to be a lot of hype around the writer (Donny Cates) and he’s been picked up by Marvel.


It didn’t do much for me. Some of that might be down to the art, which I was not a fan of.


His breakout series was Buzzkill from a few years ago. That was good. He’s done a few series since then that I haven’t read as the premise didn’t grab me. I’m behind on Redneck but it has been okay.

Cates is decent enough but his work hasn’t screamed “next big thing”.


I’ve read the first issues of Redneck, God Country and Baby Teeth (and maybe something else that I can’t recall) and I’ll be picking them all up in trade. I think I’ve ordered Buzzkill as well.

Looks like he could indeed be the next big breakthrough - what I’ve read is really good.

The 11 O’clock comics team have been raving about him as well.


I read the first issue of Redneck and thought it was okay but not great. However I have read all 6 issues of God Country and really enjoyed it. It felt a bit like Seven to Eternity but way, way better (I’m no fan of StE). Not heard of Baby Teeth but I’ll definitely give it a go.


Baby Teeth is the anti christ comic right?


It is mate, yeah


Alan Moore Advises New Writers to Self-Publish Because Big Publishers Suck


Cutting-edge advice, from a 2015 article about a video recorded in 2011.


So…Miller is mulling over a Sin City prequel set in the Old West.


Although I’ve been a reader since issue #14 and pick up every issue when released, I don’t always get around to reading Savage Dragon regularly, and even then, the cast of hundreds of characters and numerous sub-plots can be hard to follow.

I haven’t done a big comic-read in a very long while (years - the last time I can remember doing so was around the time of Wednesday Comics) but just spent the afternoon, laying on the bed, binge-reading the last 21 issues in one go.

Good stuff, but of course not for everyone.

It’s pretty special - I remember getting issue #14 as a freebie at my first comic convention in early 1995, I was 13 and hadn’t really read of followed much outside of Marvel and DC; Image were branching out into newsprint versions of their books to be sold at newsagents here, so their booth was handing out a bunch of freebies (a Robinson/Charest WildCATS issue and an issue of Badrock and Co among the others).

That SD was ideal though as it just happened to be one that was filled with narration boxes from a possessed Dragon describing all of the cast members. By the time I got around to a proper comic shop to set up a standing order the latest issue on sale was #21 and it’s been on my list ever since.

Issue #33 which came out in late 1996 saw Dragon’s partner give birth to his child - because the book takes place in real time that baby is not only the adult star of the book now, but has children of his own.


The Solicitations for November thread has started.

Archie, Dark Horse, and Oni Press are first up, lots more next week.


I finally managed to get hold of a copy of Freeway Fighter 4 which seems to be sold out in a lot of places. I was actually going to hit up @AndiEwington at one point to ask if I could buy one of his comps!

Holy nut sacks, check out these FF art posters by the amazing Robert Ball

Also, I loved the letter from Frazer Irving and his brilliant FF maps he drew when he was kid.


Have added AC Comics, AfterShock, Boom! Studios, and Dynamite

Tuesday update: have added Image and Valiant

Wednesday update: have added PreviewsWorld Order Forms, and:

Aardvark Vanaheim, Action Lab, Alterna, Amigo, Aspen, Black Box, Black Mask, Bongo, BroadSword, Chapterhouse, Coffin, ComixTribe, Darby Pop, Devil’s Due/ 1First, IDW, Magnetic Press, Red 5, Rothic, Space Goat, Titan, Vault, Zenescope, Z2, 215 Ink, and 451 Media

Thursday update: have added Caliber, Fantagraphics, and Scout


Fucking love LIMBO

Another great read is Day Tripper

Last but not least Sing No Evil