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I think it’s also the subject matter of some of Mark’s books.
It gets the reactionary crowd all in a bunch, like we’ve seen with other creators like Spencer or Chaykin.

I’ve seen Hit-Girl used as an example that Mark is an “ultra-conservative”…which is…what? How in the hell?


I think that’s fair in the past, I don’t want to speak for him but it’s likely where Robert has said he has sometimes been his own worst enemy.

For the last 5 years or so his output has been pretty much PG stuff and not very controversial.


Aye, I mean I understand how people might not have liked the content - but the idea that anything put in a book is an endorsement or a reflection of the creator is one of the largest complaints I’ve seen lobbied against Mark.

Which is insane. How could someone miss the point of Hit-Girl so hard?
There might be truth to the Morrison thing, but 8/10 times it’s always something like this I see.


I agree, it happens across many creators, people find it hard to see the gap between the characters and creators at times. All the Judge Dredd creators like Wagner and Mills are serious socialists writing from the perspective of a fascist.


He hurt himself in that respect with the comments he made about using rape as a plot point some years ago. Of course a lot of the same people who have shit on him for what he said also adore Watchmen, Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones, and lots of things that use rape as a plot point and/or sensationalize it.

It’s thin ice to walk out on, for sure.


Aye, and the examples you give are why my only thought on those comments, while brash…well, it’s all pot/kettle situation mixed with a mirror metaphor from those who try to deny the use.

Seeing the resurgence online because of the Netflix sale is really people just hearing hearsay or those that had a bone to pick from some series they felt ick’d by. I saw one tweet that called him an “old white man” with “meanness”.
Whew. Lad.

Hopefully the herd will thin once people move onto the next outrage.


I don’t recall his name right off but he had been a regular poster at Bleeding Cool in the comments on any story related to Mark. He always acted like Mark had personally assaulted him or his family. It was sad and strange.


I do recall his name. I don’t want to give him any credit for being a deranged idiot. People should be remembered for anything useful they contribute.


True. There were many times he made comments that if it had really been Mark’s desire, he probably could have sued the guy for libel.


He could and would have won, the person in question was in the UK (or said he was). The law there is counter to the US one in that the complainant has to prove what they say, not for the defendant to prove it isn’t.


Is this the guy who came here and started raving about extreme self-deception before being showed the door?

Because that person seemed to have some mental health issues.

I don’t mean to come of as demeaning.


No, I don’t recall he ever came to the forum but a few of these kind of nutters have.


I agree with Robert about the cult of Morrison being the problem. Grant has attacked Mark repeatedly in public. Mark has never said a bad word about Grant. He’s never said a bad word about anyone really, but he’s read Grant make these personal attacks and never retaliated. He’s had the same patient demeanor with comics bloggers who come after him. He is always the bigger man.

A rational adult should be able to see that if one party speaks badly and the other doesn’t, then maybe one side isn’t entirely rational or to be trusted.

There are lots of comments and speculation about this deal that are utterly wrong. Malicious stuff just made up. Mark won’t respond to it, he isn’t giving interviews or talking about the deal right now. That leaves a vacuum where the lies can grow like bacteria unfortunately. But don’t believe anything you read from people not directly connected to Mark. Know they’re merchants of lies, and motivated by an embarrassing pettiness.

And if you still think Morrison basically wrote Red Son take a moment and consider how dumb an idea that is. I see this banded about like it’s a cast iron fact all the time and it’s just a means to take away from Marks achievement. The guy wrote the top selling Marvel and D.C. trades but Morrison fans can’t accept that.

Millar has more patience that I would have, more than most of us could I expect. And even this week he announced he gong to use his new wealth to help fix up his home town. Anyone with a negative opinion of Mark needs to take a step back and reconsider what they think.


Is that Red son thing something people really claim? That’s nuts. It doesn’t read anything like Morrison.


People claim it a lot.
It’s utterly insane, and they only use it to devalue Millar’s other works by saying it was the best thing he wrote for that reason.


Something that should be remembered for Alan Moore. He took 30 years of it, including long essays accusing him of plagiarism, the ultimate insult for a writer. Saying nothing.

Yes he eventually snapped last year and went on a one-off tirade, Millar has another 10 years to hold it in. :smile:


And when you mention the recent books like Reborn or Huck or JL they’ll say they haven’t read them, and then mention the pregnancy in Nemesis. As if no other creators have had their fictional villains do horrible things.



Someone I talked with who had read Starlight then retorted "it was probably Waid".


I think that people could learn a lot by watching how Mark conducts himself professionally and online.

And while not wishing to speak ill of any other creators, Mark has been pretty smart about how he has marketed his work. The majority of his comics can be distilled to a one line pitch. I don’t think that’s a mistake and I think that’s why he deserves his success. Other creators could learn a lot from that.

I hasten to add that I don’t wish to sound sycophantic. I have only met Mark in person once or twice and can’t say that I know him very well (or at all). Nor would I claim to love everything he writes.


I hate to sound syncophantic as well. I mean, there are some comics of Mark’s, recent ones too, that I don’t like.
But…these people are so deluded you have to sorta take the stand.