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I’d bet on the power couple of Palmiotti and Connor coming up soon. Jimmy has been grumbling, he knows folks. I get the feeling that it may not be an individual creator, but maybe a small dedicated creative group. That would work.

Big genius here is the Missus. Pulled a Sharon Osbourne there in the best way! Mark is no slouch when it comes to business, but he’s still one person. Like anybody else, he stretches just so far then stuff breaks. We can’t have that happening.

Time for a bigger castle.


Too much done for DC though, for all the talent I can’t see the IP. Fraction and DeConnicck already have their own business up and running.


It might be ground zero but it’ll take a few more years before the impact is really felt.


I am a super loyal fan of The Walking Dead and have never missed a issue. I am gonna start looking more into Millarworld universe though because I’ve loved everything Millar has done with the big publisher’s. I haven’t been reading a whole lot of the non big guys except Image but I’m about to


There are a lot of great Millarworld books out there. So dive right in and enjoy.


Definitely. I think it will take a few years for creators to get their houses in order.

One thing with Millar is that he is a proven commodity in Hollywood. He has had successful movies based on his properties. I can see other creators forming their own brands and some media companies buying them. I have a feeling only a relative handful will be successful, though. Mark really does have the sensibilities for both mainstream and niche audiences. Not many other creators can do that.

Mark is probably about 10+ years ahead of all the other comic creators right now.


Hawkins’ has developed the Edenverse over 3 books, but all of those are a niche product. Hawkins has a couple of bad habits that I don’t think help grow the line as much as it could i.e. padding trades, pricing.

Mignolaverse is the big one I’d look at, there’s a consistent branding on those books so as to tag the customer that they’re part of a bigger whole, with signposting to those other pieces in each volume. But, this is generally focused on one genre.

In some ways there’s no magic to what Mark has done with Millarworld except he’s worked with the best people he possibly can, on excellent collaborative terms that I think are unmatched and he’s backed up his motormouth marketing (mods, I think that’s a fair description) with delivery to match. I know his marketing style - Stan Lee inspired? Hmm, might be - drives some people nuts, but he’s had a very good hit rate on all the books.

If you want help with that or more recommendations than you’ll know what to do with, the Trades Thread (and its many predecessors) beckons.


Mike Mignola. In addition to his Hellboy-related properties, like BPRD, Lobster Johnson, and Witchfinder, he’s also got the independent properties Joe Golem, Baltimore, and the Amazing Screw-On Head.


The top candidate surely has to be Kirkman with his Skybound line.


There’s only one Stan Lee. There’s only one Mark Millar. He’s a generational talent who had the writing, the commercial sense and the business accumen. And then the stones to leave the biggest job in comics to start his own thing. Ultimately no-one else will replicate this as no-one else has done what Mark has done.

It always grinds my gears when folks go after Millar’s marketing style. He’s a single guy competing against billion dollar entertainment giants. He should get some slack. Every indie creator should get slack. Reading some of the social media responses today have been mostly encouraging but some show an inhuman level of unkindness. It seems one in ten internet users is just a sad sack of negativity. I wish they’d find something better to do with their lives.


Some folks, when life gives them lemons, suck on them and become more sour.

Even the small parts of Mark’s journey visible to an old fart in Colorado is truly amazing to watch, from a whole bunch of points of view.

Silly wee Scotsman has done very well.

There’s a little town up the road that really seems fitting for a nice new castle. Just an earworm for the future.


Busiek. I assume he owns Astro City completely, despite it currently being under a DC imprint, and Astro City could support a multi-property franchise all by itself.



“These are beloved, iconic characters and it’s time we try to sell them as a movie franchise,” Archie CEO Jon Goldwater didn’t tell THR but that’s what he was thinking.





Assholes man. I wish these pricks didn’t get me down as much. There’s zero need for it. It makes me feel like being violent.

I always think back to the scene in Jay and Silent Bob when I read shit like that.


Mark also had the innate talent to create product people wanted. He does things with “superheroes” no one has done before. But he told non-cape tales: Spies, sci-fi, fantasy and adventure. The talent that chooses to walk Mar’ks path should have a diverse portfolio.

I think Mark’s ultimate secret to success is that he tells the stories he enjoys and wants to read.


I’d add one of the things that he’s very good at is coming up with a fresh new angle on a story that, once you read it, seems so very obvious, even though it isn’t. Why not? Because someone else would have done it long before if it was, therefore it isn’t.

Combine that with really strong execution and very skilled artistic collaborators and odds are, at the very least, a good story will result.

Finally, Mark knows his limits - we might all want a 50-60 issue epic from him but I think his view would be that isn’t his forte, he’s better at shorter, more high-impact runs of up to 24-36 issues max. One of the best decisions he did was to keep Superior just that initial run, sequels were planned but by the time that first story was done it was pretty clear: This one is too good to mess with.


The thing is I genuinely don’t understand the mentality. If I don’t like stuff I may criticise to a degree but generally avoid it. However you get these people who habitually look up stories and social media feeds to people they seemingly dislike. What a miserable experience.

If it’s a politician then I can see it as a genuine protest but for an entertainer, why would you bother? I might make a joke about not liking Michael Bay or Justin Bieber, there’s no way I’d imagine following them on Facebook or reading multiple stories about them just to complain I don’t like them.

There used to be a guy, I don’t know if he is still around, that read every article about Mark and commented with an endless list of things he hated, he went really nasty, even accusing him of embezzling charity money. That’s got to be a mental health issue, all that effort and bile over someone you don’t even know.

I can’t get angry or violent about it as I think these are desperately sad people in need of help.


With a lot of the people who say terrible things about Mark online, and shit on his books, if you dig a little bit you quickly find they are Grant Morrison fanboys.

Grant is a very good writer but he inspires a weird loyalty in his most ardent fans and, whatever the background between he and Mark, he has really been a twat publicly to Mark even to this day. So that gives permission to his fans to be twats as well. What is a shame is that some of these fans are professional journalists/critics too.

To be fair there have been a few books and a few moments in the press where Mark has been his own enemy, but the hate he gets from some corners has always been way out of line. I assume jealousy is a big part too, similar to the hate that the original Image crew got.