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It’s the Chew and Saga model. They knew the artists couldn’t do 12 issues so they take a one month gap, then release the trade, then one more month and start again. All of it clearly explained in the letters pages.

I mean ideally if you like a book you want as much of it as you can but I think fans are happy with that kind of arrangement. You also have stuff like Jupiter’s Legacy/Circle and Lazarus where they’ve added a mini series with a different artist to plug a gap. Also from Greg Rucka with Black Magick they said they were off to do Wonder Woman for a year and start back again and that’s okay with me.

The frustrating this is when you get radio silence and have no idea if a book is continuing or not and some creators and publishers do need to handle that better. It’s not just about the douchey fans that kick up a fuss being entitled, there’s also good customer service to explain as best you can set the right expectations.


Yes, this is exactly it. I don’t mind gaps between arcs. I love Jupiter’s Legacy and LOEG. But with those books there is also some transparency about what they’re doing and what reader expectations should be. Having what appears to be an ongoing title just disappear doesn’t seem like great business. It must also hurt sales of the first trade, I’d think.

In general the indie comics business is run with quite a lack of professionalism for an industry with such big potential paydays. The successes almost feel like accidents.

To be clear I’m not upset or anything—there sure isn’t a shortage of comics for me to read if I wanted to.


That may be stretching it for me, I think a lot of them put in hard work and plan, but dialogue and transparency are very important.

My first proper job was in front line customer support, it’s a somewhat bizarre world at times. I was encouraged to gloss over any difficult issues but in practice if you fully addressed them honestly people were so much happier. I think certain people get off in things remaining opaque as it makes them feel important


Ok, so this probably confirms Avatar are in a bit of trouble.

Either that or getting their house in order. Maybe brought someone new in to churn some cash flow.


Oh hell.

Also War Stories Volume 5 on Amazon now has a release date of Jan 2018. (As does Mercury Heat Volume 2)

I’m becoming sceptical it’ll ever come out. Be a shame but as the series is a set of freestanding stories, at least there’s no big ‘to be continued’ aspect.

Unlike Uber - if Gillen has an escape plan, he better be preparing it to launch.


I can see Uber being taken off the market by Dark Horse or Dynamite.

But damn it…this quashes any hope of Ennis’s last Crossed story.


I suspect Dynamite is the more likely as Ennis has done more work with them. (The Boys / Red Team / Battlefields)

So long as someone grabs it, I’ll be happy.


Yeah, I know so many Uber fans who want to see the series come to fruition because a lot of them are banking on it being a waste of time and I kinda want Gillen to show them up.


I’ve read the Avatar section in the main catalogue now. It looks like it’s just certain stuff they are selling off.

The description says they have put their ongoing solitications on hold for one month only, for a clearance sale of over stock.

I reckon someone has come in and maybe saw that the way they are running things is not good, especially if they have stacks of books piles up in storage.

Sometimes is better just to liquidate that stuff and get your costs back and make the books a bit better.

The comiXology sale will bring in a bit of short term income as well.

Hopefully the future books are safe.


I can understand that.

The stuff they show as “limited edition” you can find scores of on their online store while people are selling it for 300% mark-up on eBay.

They need to liquidate that.


Who the hell is dumb enough to buy at those kind of prices !?



When they were doing the Providence kickstarter you can’t believe how many people didn’t know you could still buy a first edition Neonomicon hardcover on there.
Especially the gray-scale armor cover version.

It’s a well kept secret.


That’s mad but very funny.


Hell, I can understand the logic of it, but that they’d end up with an untenable surplus is not surprising.


Greg Rucka & Toni Fejzula’s Veil, from Dark Horse Comics, was a great read. A creepy little supernatural story, elevated by some astounding artwork. It’s a beautiful book to look at. Unfortunately, the story barely scratches the surface of this new world, and you are left hanging with loads of questions at the end. I recommend the book, wholeheartedly, but be prepared for a potentially unsatisfying conclusion should there never be a follow up mini.


World Of Tanks - my local had #1-5 of the mini-series bagged up as a set, and seeing as War Stories is shipping so sporadically these days, I thought I’d pick it up.

It’s apparently a tie-in to some online game, but you don’t need to know anything about that in order to enjoy this book. It’s a Garth Ennis war story, with tanks. This could have been part of Battlefields, and it wouldn’t have been out of place.

The brilliant Carlos Ezquerra is on art for the first two issues, before P. J. Holden takes over for the last three. The switch is a shame (not sure why this happened), but there’s a certain visual consistency between the two that doesn’t feel too jarring.

The plot has a lot of the usual Ennis traits - inexperienced Brits, noble German officers, despicable Nazi’s, etc. It’s not original, but it is very well made. Definitely worth getting for anyone who likes Ennis’ various war stories.


I didn’t really care for the series. The art didn’t work for me and the story didn’t feel like it was one of Rucka’s stronger efforts. When I purged my comic book collection, it did not make the cut.


Yeah. I can see the art style being pretty polarising. It’s very different. And, I thought the art was stronger than the writing, so if you don’t like Fejzula’s art it’s going to be a tough sell.


So with Millar’s deal with Netflix, I was wondering if there were any other comic creators out there in a position to do something similar.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips came to mind. Greg Rucka maybe. Marc Silvestri and Top Cow but that feels like something that should have happened ten years ago.

Really, Mark has done something from the beginning others should have done or should be doing: Branding.

All of Mark’s books were under the Millarworld banner. It did not matter who published his books as long as they all say “Millarworld”. Mark was very ahead of the curve on this.

I think other comic book talent are kicking themselves very hard for not doing that sooner. (Maybe the up and comers will take this lesson to heart.) Instead of trying to develop a property here or there, they could have sold their particular brand and all its contents with all kinds of development deals.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from what Mark has done. Some will take the right ones and others will take the wrong ones. Nonetheless, this should be a huge wake-up call for the comic book industry. I wonder if this is Ground Zero of @Jim’s next industry boom?


Rick Remender’s probably the closest. He’s even got a brand name now - Giant Generator. He’s got quite the portfolio too, although perhaps more niche than Millar’s.