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Been friends with Gail for about forever, and I don’t recall her pumping this particular work. Take that for whatever it might mean. I hear spectacular things about Clean Room.


Rachel Rising read to me as unplanned and published as long as it was selling, and then finished quickly when it was time to close down. Nothing wrong with that, but it has none of the structure of Y, the last man for instance. If it was a planned story, then I don’t think a good job was done.


Clean Room was excellent


I disagree

By the end it seemed to me that he had told the story he wanted to tell with those characters, it always felt very much like a finite tale.

I think ending at 42, which is exactly divisible by 6, for the 7 trades - and just the right size for the omnibus edition which very quickly followed, was quite deliberate - perhaps it wasn’t planned exactly for 42 issues from the start, but I think he had a an idea of where he wanted to go with it.
Also, Motor Girl seemed to come out pretty quickly after, which seemed planned - so there doesn’t look the be an abrupt wrap up.

It certainly didn’t read that way to me either.

I actually felt it was wrapped up better than Y the Last Man to be honest. But I thought the ending to that was pretty meh. Pretty pish payoff for what was a very enjoyable journey.


I’ll sit in the middle on Rachel Rising. I think it was as long as intended but I have never thought structure or pacing of a series was a strength of Terry Moore’s. I love Strangers in Paradise and read it in the big collections and it meanders a lot and goes off the point. None of that really matters though because what Moore does excel at is character work, both in his writing and art


Have added Oni Press and Titan

Still waiting on the Previews text, but that pretty much does it for October.


Perhaps I’m out of the loop but can anyone tell me if these Image series as still going on?

The Goddamned (the first 5 issues have been collected in a TPB, HC, and an upcoming OHC, all billed as the “first arc”, yet there seems to be no forthcoming issue #6…is this a piss-take by Aaron?)

Moonshine (this is one I am especially curious about)


Both still running I think

I suspect that The Goddammed takes a while to come out because the art is incredible.

They’ve just realeased volume 1 in an oversized hardcover.

I don’t think there’s any danger of it being cancelled.

I reckon it’s the art on Moonshine as well, Risso doesn’t seem especially prolific these days, so Azzarello is probably giving him the time he needs.

I reckon both will continue.
Sometimes they like to release a trades worth of issues, then bring out a trade and have a wee break while the artist gets a few more in the bag then they start bringing them out again.


Yeah, that’s how it’s been on Image titles like Monstress, Saga, etc. 5 or 6 issues, then a gap so the artist and/or writer (if they’re writing a lot of books, like I believe Aaron is) can catch up


Yeah, I know a few Image series have taken little breaks including Aaron’s own Southern Bastards, it just seems weird to not ever pop up and tell people it’s still coming.


Is Southern Bastards still coming out? I just assumed it’s been abandoned.


Vague memory trace says “delayed until …” something or another.

I may or may not be a reliable source tonight.


Break between arcs, next one coming out this month (August).


To be clear I don’t think either series is in danger of being cancelled. As Will alluded, it’s not like indie series haven’t been abandoned by the creators before and that’s what I thought may have happened.


At a certain point it’s hard to fund ongoing indie books. It’s reasonable to abandon them for paying gigs that cover the bills, and still be elusive about returning just in case it might become worthwhile down the road.



I frequent the Hudlin Entertainment Forums. I’d ask Reginald about this, but I imagine he might not be able to discuss this outside of court.


Moonshine is a disappointment. It’s not terrible but it’s not particularly good either. The art is fairly racist at points and isn’t great at conveying what’s going on at times. The story is a bit repetitive and feels pretty slight.


Yeah I saw Aaron on Twitter say it’s at the printers so it shouldn’t be one that keeps getting pushed out.

On the Goddammed:


I seem to recall they did this with Chew. I didn’t mind the breaks in the single issue schedule at all since a complete “chunk” of story had been delivered. It’d be great if more creators followed this method.