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Jim Lee used to put up 5 minute con sketches. I really enjoyed those too.


I think this should provide more evidence to their financial straits.


Well bad for them, but I’m not complaining. I just picked up 90 quids worth of comics for 20 pound. Can’t complain.


Waiting MPH vol 2 any soon


Hickman is between my non favorite writers cuz his stuff never appealed me in any way

I considere him boring frustrating weird


Millarworld, Supreme and current James Bond comic books:grinning:


Black Science #26 - 30 - each issue of this run has ramped up the crazy. And, this was a pretty mental book to begin with!

Things are looking grim, as the world goes to hell, with inter-dimensional invaders from several apocalyptic worlds starting to converge on ours.

It feels a lot like Hickman’s Time Runs Out/ Secret Wars, but freed from the shackles of Marvel continuity. It feels as if literally anything can and will happen here.

Remender is starting to bring things together - the disparate dimensionauts; his various antagonists; and the McKay family drama - as the book heads into its final year.


I can’t wait to binge read all of Black Science.


Oho? So 40 issues then?


Not confirmed as such, but heavily implied in the letter column.


Yeah he said ‘around 40 issues’. I think that’s fair enough, if they have an overall plan of the story and duration I don’t think people should quibble too much if it goes over or under a little to hit the final beats they want.

It is great when someone like John Layman on Chew has it all planned out perfectly but it’s quite a high bar to achieve, maybe 100 Bullets did it in longform, can’t think of many others.


It’s crazy that Stray Bullets is 26 issues away from #100 but 1/4th that has been taken by Sunshine and Roses.


I can live with that, means I get 3 good-sized Absolute-size trades.

Do find news like this reassuring, as I much prefer a story to conclude well rather than meander on.


Did you read The Manhattan Projects, Vik?


Yep. Loved it. It was right up my street. I wish Hickman would come back to it. So many potential stories just left wide open.


Best way I can put it is that Hickman lost interest in it and so did I!


I recently bought that first big hardcover (that collects multiple volumes) and then I found that they hadn’t finished collecting the material that was out there in this format (which sucks considering there is the right amount if you take into account the space spin-off/sequel/rebranded thing) so I can see where Ben is coming from when it comes to these premium formats that the creators don’t appear to care about. Better they never do them than botch the job on the audience’s behalf.


To be fair to most comic creators, Morning Glories aside it’s rare for them not to finish - especially if OHCs are involved. I know Kirkman ceased the Invincible Absolute-size vols, but he has stuck with OHCs, likely because of the larger market. I had thought Sixth Gun was not finishing because it had been a while, then the Volume 4 Absolute-style hardback got solicited.

It’s not entirely altruistic, most writers and artists know a complete series can sell again and again, so it’s in their self-interest to complete a work.


One of the good things about 3 series I really enjoy wrapping up, is that although I didn’t want them to end, they ran for their planned length, told the story they wanted to tell and left me wanting more:

Rachel Rising

I’d hold the first 2 slightly higher than Nailbiter, but all 3 were just perfect across 7 or 8 volumes.


crosswind # 1 by Gail Simone and Cat Staggs was really disappointing.

I like Simone’s work a lot, but I found this very bland and if it didn’t have Simone credited it could have been written by a newbie.

The art was the biggest problem though. It’s barely serviceable. Zero effort put into the backgrounds, the story telling is confusion, very little work put into facial expressions except where it’s obvious that photo referencing (or tracing) was used.

I wonder if a different artist would have elevated the script any. As it stands I won’t be buying another issue unless I read some absolutely stonking reviews.