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Burrows really ratcheted up his game in Providence I think.
The accentuate coloring as well as the stiff, crisp, figures is probably the most tonally accurate art a Lovecraft comic has ever had.

I think most of Burrow’s earlier work wasn’t very flat and looked rushed. This was…really immersive.


I thought Black Dossier was very, very good and Century pretty decent. The Nemo books weren’t quite up there but still fun as you say.


However Image also makes up the majority of what I buy.

If you are referring to my comment then there is a bit of a misunderstanding, I’m not saying Image on the whole is bad quality - I must be picking up over 20 different series in trade by Image - but they definitely started publishing a lot more books and a lot of them they would not have published a few years ago.

I think they’ve taken the approach now of chucking everything out there and see what sticks. There’s a lot rubbish getting solicited by them these days, as much as they are producing a lot of great stuff.


It’s one thing I admire with Valiant. There seems a tendency for comics companies to want endless expansion of titles if they can get away with it. They keep to a steady core of books and tend to end one before a new one stars. Rebellion in the UK too have stuck to making their two books.



The last comic I read was from 39 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:


And how did that one compare with the boom of 1943 when a random issue of Captain Marvel sold 1.3 million copies?


Please don’t be shit. Please don’t be shit. Please don’t be shit.

EDIT: oh a creative team’s been slyly mentioned as well. Magdalene Visaggio and Fico Ossio. No idea who Visaggio is, but Ossio was the artist on Revolution and one of the few good things about it, I found. His TFs were weird, but his humans looked excellent.


The thrust of the problem with Image (and small press titles in general), as well as the problem with Marvel, is that there are so many titles that the subpar books are dragging the great ones down. Ideally, a line should be trimmed of fat and top-heavy in quality so that it has the opposite effect—the great books lift the subpar ones up.


So, a Thrawn comic announced at SDCC? Anyone have a decent link? I’m on my phone…


I just read it’s an adaptation of the novel, not a new story.

It is Marvel by the way so this is the wrong thread. :smile:




Who is Ken Penders?


You really, really, really don’t want to go down that hole.


Guy wrote Sonic. Did a lot of Knuckles stuff.
Went off on his own.
Sued Archie for control of his Knuckles stuff.
Part of the reason why they lost the license to IDW.

IDW has put up a sign with his picture in their offices warning to “Do Not Serve This Man”


have added Amigo, Aardvark Vanaheim, Caliber, ComixTribe, Devils Due/1First, Space Goat, 451 Media

Tues. edit: added Alterna and Zenescope

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I guess @DaveWallace will have to post the Strong Bad video this time. :wink:

With a bonus:


have added Action Lab and Tokyo Pop


Like Homestar Runner, these videos are super addictive.


Yeah, Todd McFarlane does a lot of those videos and I watch most of them when they come out. He did a good one of Venom the other day too.

He’s not the greatest artist in the world in terms of technique, but it’s interesting to see how he is able to quite quickly put together drawings in his fairly detailed-looking style, especially with that digital setup he has these days.