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I’m not saying that there’s no good comics now, but as a kid now was a relative term.

My parents didn’t care about comics so I had to turn to public resources and not LCS’s and barely book stores.


I was the same. Any comics I got were cobbled together from second hand book shops and jumble sales. I never got two issues in sequence of any comic. And everything I did get was ancient. And I though they were great.


It has a very bad reputation, but it’s probably no worse than say, bronies.

Though I have seen brony fan art of people as ponies wearing nappies/diapers, so…


Exactly, I’m glad that people here are able to get their kids more of a modern day, tasteful, variety of kids comics - but even now I doubt that’s the norm. But it’s a sign the times are changing, and I’ll admit that - but still holding on the base claim that we could live on DVDs.



I assumed the whole Sonic fanart thing was exaggerated, but I just google-image-searched ‘Sonic fan art’, and… Wow.



Hands down the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on the internet was brony related (and I won’t be sharing what it is), so I wouldn’t put Sonic art at quite that level.


BIG news coming out of San Diego this week: Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill are - even as we speak - working on the fourth and final volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Entitled The Tempest, it’s a landmark volume which will not only cap off the long-running saga of Mina Murray and her erstwhile literary companions, but also mark the retirement of both men from comics work.


Because that’s never happened before


How much money do you want for your search history?

It’s the opposite of ransomware…


There’s a reason why anonymous mode and VPNs exist.


Its interesting that people say that Image quality is low, cos Image makes up the majority of what I buy.

Other that Image stuff, it’s Powers, Alias and Uber.

Does that mean I’m missing some really good comics?



If you want more recommendations than you’ll know what to do with - head to the Trades Thread.



To be clear almost everyone here who reads comics very likely reads some Image books, and it’s a site devoted to a writer who is currently on Image.

I don’t think anyone is saying their quality is low across the board, just that they maybe open their doors a bit too wide and let too many books including some subpar books through. I won’t name names but they have some stuff I find half baked conceptually and meandering, which adds to an oversaturation of the market. But they also have some books that I consider among the best on the stands.


Going by this thread to be clear almost everyone here doesn’t read comics, and if they do it’s comics from 30 years ago.


Excellent stuff, I had been wondering when this was coming.


LOEG hasn’t been among Moore’s best work since Vol. 2 ended but even the lesser volumes like the Nemo books have been fun and O’Neill’s artwork is always great. I’ll definitely be checking this out.


Clueless people, sure. Print ads for the Handmaid’s tale depict a lady missing an eye, the socket crudely stitched-up. Early in the show a gay man is shown publicly hanged. Depicting things isn’t the same as condoning them.

How so? Have comics during the last boom sold better than the last one in the glorious 90s when the first issue of Turok sold almost a million copies? Properties that originated in comics are obviously bigger than ever, though.

Yeah, apart from the rare Moore stuff, Crossed must be their best selling book - I have over a hundred issues of it (I called off my standing order last year) - and most of the art is really quite bad.

Burrows’ stuff is okay in a very plain, 80s-DC-house-style kind of way, and there might have been one or two other passable/interesting artists among the rotating teams, but so much of it is incredibly poor from design, storytelling, rendering, and technical points of view.