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It feels wrong, doesn’t it? :confounded:


Haha possibly.

Anyway - yeah, kids will pick up what they can find easiest.
Was it a good idea for an 8 year old to read TDKR? Maybe not - but my public library had it.
They didn’t have floppies of Blackest Night or whatever was going on. And so that past era becomes a much more fertile looking ground to delve into because they’re all so neatly collected already.

No wait.


This forum is like an old people’s home. We need to send the nurse around to give everyone their pudding.


Mmmmm pudding


Kids like pudding as well.

QED or etc. whatevs


When I was eight years old, I was encouraged to watch the news, which at the time were far more traumatizing than TDKR.




Millarworld: where even the young people are old.


I’m not sure where you all are getting the idea that young kids are reading old classics. I’m watching the process right now first hand as my 8 year old niece and her friends got in comics about 2 years ago. The oldest things they’re reading came out 2 years ago (and it’s because I bought it for her). Most of them come to comics through cartoons and movies and so are primarily reading recent content from the Big Two or the all ages versions of those characters.


Meadows is a special case. I would be cheeky enough to say I love loads of recent comics. :smile:


I’m just sayin’ that it’s not really an either/or situation.

I was interested in comics, so I went to the local library and checked out Watchmen, TDKR, some silver-age DC/Marvel reprints, etc. Cause it wasn’t so long ago that that is all we had since…floppies are really unappealing. Who wants to spend the money for 4 of those dollar juice bottles on 1 or 2 comics? Rather borrow a trade from the library for free.

And this all started because of some statement that said we could “live on DVDs” or couldn’t due to age. Which just ain’t true.


Is Sonic fan art really that weird? I’m not inclined to google it; didn’t know it was a phenomenon.


It’s a bit of a long standing joke, yeah.
Like the game of “google “your name” + the hedgehog” etc.


As a huge fan of old-school classic Marvel Silver Age comics I’ve been getting my daughter into comics via the new DC Superhero Girls TPBs and the IDW My Little Pony comics.

(Somehow I didn’t think stories about a wimpy 1960s teenage boy with girl problems or a middle-aged man, greying at the temples, fighting communists, would appeal to her.)


Yes, although you wouldn’t know it from some of the posts in this thread, there are lots of great comics coming out at the moment. :slight_smile:


Apologies. I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise.

I know that agreeing with @Tom_Punk would get me into trouble. :confounded:


Imagine a dining room table in the nursing home with a bunch of old farts speculating what the kids outside might be doing.


You make it sound bad…but we have pudding. :wink:


Well, we can’t all get invited to Marvel’s creative retreats.