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I make no apologies for this post.


Archie is kind of its own thing. The core of their titles still operate outside the direct market. Newsagents way out here in Malaysia are full of the digest books. The alternative stuff like Afterlife get the comics press attention while the rest of the line aimed at kids seems to trundle on.

Edit: with that in mind I agree with your point on who else could work the license.


In that way it’s a bit like Commando that Bruce mentioned the other day. It carries on publishing it’s 6000th issue while completely ignored.


I never really understood how a game about a superfast hedgehog running through fields had a plot like “resistance fighting sci-fi stuff” anyhow.

Kinda cross purposes


Did you never notice that all the enemies in the game are cute fluffy animals trapped in terrifying robotic armour and bounce away happily when you destroy the armour?


You can make a lot out of nothing. I read Grant Morisson’s Zoids!



My entire knowledge of Sonic is basically the start screen of level 1.
Cause I’m not a neeeeerrrrrdddd

Flips through New Gods #9 for the fifth time


The Fleetway Sonic the Comic was always the best Sonic comic anyway.

Particularly the Streets of Rage strip, obviously.



I bet that makes all the other blue hedgehogs really sad. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.



STC is what got me into comics. Rich Elson was the first artist whose work I could recognise on sight.


I wonder if that means that he was a Hedgehog suffering with depression issues or whether he just told really offensive jokes.



You could have done this in 1979 David. However the point isn’t for old duffers like you, it’s for the young kids who don’t want to read grandpa’s comics. We grew up in an age with huge bursts of creativity, kids today deserve to do the same.

It’ll be bigger than ever. All booms have gotten bigger not smaller. And digital will definitely be a core component, as global will be a core component. In the next boom we’ll get back to million dollar comics and a brand new generation of fans.


With books, I did. In 1979, I was reading SF written in the 40s and 50s (and earlier). If I could have got Golden Age comics then, I probably would have read those too. I might have grown up in a burst of creativity, but I didn’t need to, because the creativity of years gone by was still sitting there waiting to be discovered.


Aye, and I’m only 22 and I can honestly say about 80% of the comics I’ve read have been from the 80’s and earlier.

If a kid gets into comics, they’ll probably just pick whatever is easily available - and that usually boils down to old classics on bookshelves.


I know that when I was growing up the comics that I was reading were reprints of old 60’s X-men and John Buscema on Thor and Ditko Dr. Strange. That was what was available.

I gave up reading comics in the early 90’s for a couple of years, and just read old comics…mainly because I didn’t think the stuff coming out was very good (although I suspect that I was missing out on a lot).

Am I agreeing with you? That can’t be right. :confused: Is it?


I guess we are agreeing.

I bought (and still own) the three Lee/Kirby Essential Hulk volumes and those were the first Marvel I ever read. The first DC I read was Crisis on Infinite Earths. All of this was around in 2002-2003…and I’d be hard pressed to name any actual current comics that were coming out in those same years.