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From Dark Horse’s Jan 2016 solicits…

Leaving Megalopolis is getting continued!

Can’t recall my review of it - which is likely lost in the Abyss of Deletion - but I think I felt it lacked a good ending, so this could well fix that flaw.


Well this is a strange one. A 10-year deal makes me hope they have some sort of long-term plan, but then we do have three more movies to see as well.
If it has an interesting creative team I’ll probably pick up the first book they release. What do you all think?


As I didn’t care for the movie, I won’t be picking up the comics. As to the deal itself, the first of the three sequels will bow December 2017. It will be interesting to see if there is a demand for the series.


I remember liking it a lot. The premise (regular folks trying to escape psychotic almost feral superheroes) was really good. Jim Califore’s (I hope I’ve spelled his name correctly) slightly scratchy art shined in this story. It was very much like a zombie movie set up, but I would definitely give the new series a shot based on the original OGN.

Solicitations for January 2016


Preview: Back to the Future #1


January solicits for Dark Horse and Aspen are up. See the Solicitations for January thread.

Next week should have the bulk of companies solicits, starting Monday.


David Tischman Explores Superhero Fashion in “Heroine Chic”


I really enjoyed Battling Boy and the first Aurora West, but AV Club has given a pretty awful review of the second AW book:

House Of West (First Second) manages to be both inconsequential and morally deplorable.

I mean, yikes.

Has anyone read it?


Have added Boom! Studios/Archaia, Dark Cirlce, and Valiant.
And there will be more tomorrow…


I quit on Battling Boy ages ago. All in all Paul Pope’s career has been pretty disappointing for a while now, after being one of the best comics creators on the planet for a nice little stretch.


And now Image solicits are up.
(Wed. edit) - IDW is up, plus Aftershock and Archie.
Previews order forms (PDF & TXT) also up.


Wow, just read these words.

Esad Ribic.


No joke either!

Humanoids Inc. has announced that Ribic will be illustrating four issues of its upcoming Metabaron series written by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Jerry Frissen. The series isn’t scheduled to debut until October 2016 however, and Ribic’s issues will be the last of the 16-part maxi-series.

Artists will be drawing Metabaron in four-issue groupings, starting with Valentin Sécher, and followed by Niko Henrichon, Mukesh Singh and finally Ribic.


That looks so awesome.

I wonder if the series will ship in the US. Also, does the Metabaron look a bit like 90’s Grant Morrison to anyone else here?


Definitely a bit of a King Mob vibe.


This is the only thing I could find on Humanoids’ site. That date’s a little off but it looks like it was posted slightly over a year ago.


I’ve never read anything by humanoids.
Am I missing out?
If sonthen what books should I start with?


Depends. What are you most interested in terms of stories?

One thing I’ll flag up now is their print runs can be limited, so sometimes it ends up being a case that you can miss stuff and then it’s gone.

Stuff I have is:

El Nino: A tale of woman searching for her missing twin brother, could be termed a thriller. Collecion covers 7 albums that make up 2 stories, one a 5-parter and one 2-parter.

Cape Horn: Turn of the century western set in southern America.

Milan K: Thriller about Russian oligarchs and legacy, has similarities to Largo Winch.

Millennium: A set of 5 albums, medieval murder mystery set in the 1300s.

The Z Word: A collection of 5 albums that is perhaps best described as zombie satire.

I Am Legion: WW2 vampire thriller, that has some quite excellent Cassaday art, but does fall apart a little at the end, looks great throughout.

Olympus: A fantastical thriller by Geoff Johns and Butch Guice.

Then there’s loads of Jodorowsky stuff:

Incal: The first one with Moebuis art, looks fantastic but the story can’t match up to the art.

Metabarons: Stunning, grab the 40th Anniversary hardcover collection of the 8 albums if you can.

Weapons of the Metabaron: Charest art - even just in the span of 20-30 pages is stunning.

Metabarons Genesis: Castaka: A prequel to the main series.

Technopriests: Another spin-off, this time concerning the possible redemption of the Technopriest order. Worth a look but don’t pay over the odds.

In terms of production quality, their hardbacks are excellent value and, if you apply a per-album analysis, can be quite a steal when bought online with a discount. I haven’t yet read it but their The Bouncer collection has 7 albums in it and I got for just over £18! Got a few other volumes that aren’t yet read, will get reviews posted in the Trades Thread when I have.

EDIT: Should add, BD albums can be anything between 48-72 pages, or in some cases larger. So Humanoids volumes vary from just under / over 100 pages to 400 pages and a bit over! Depending on how many albums they collect and the size of each album.


I was chatting to Niko Henrichon at the recent N.I.C.E con about his upcoming Metabarons stuff and he was mega pumped.


I loved Noah that he did with Aronofsky. I highly recommend that book. His name on the Metabarons list excited me too. I hope we get this in the US.


After his next book with Mrs Talbot, due May 2016, it will be time for… sob… the last Grandville book: