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What is the title count for Marvel? How do they compare quantity-wise?

At my count, 76 titles - that’s not including double to quadruple shipping titles, of which they have quite a bit more of than dc from what I could see

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Pretty certain Bryan Hibbs has been arguing for less books for years too.

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I disagree with your assessment, Chris. Image provides opportunities for creators to release their books to a large audience, and apparently does not apply a heavy editorial hand with regard to genre or content. There is no “Image” style to which writers and artists are obliged to adhere. Granted, not every book they publish is a DEADLY CLASS or an EAST OF WEST or even a WALKING DEAD; but just as Image took a chance on those books, they continue to provide an opportunity for books like BITTER ROOT and COLD SPOTS and OUTPOST ZERO to find an audience and become as successful as those earlier books.

And it’s important to understand that each book Image publishes is a stand-alone. You don’t need to read Kirkman’s WALKING DEAD in order to understand and enjoy his OUTCAST or OBLIVION SONG or DIE DIE DIE. Each Ales Kot miniseries is completely independent of the one that came before and the one that comes next. I take a look at each new series or mini that Image releases, but I never feel like I need to buy them (unlike the old days when I felt like I had to buy every X-book that Marvel released, for fear of missing out on an important continuity event).

But, yeah, DC and Marvel should seriously consider paring back their lines, for the health and longevity of the industry.


I agree that Image does provide opportunities, and for a while that was good. But I feel they’ve flooded the market with a lot of average books in the last couple of years, and continue to do so - making it difficult for people to wade through to the good stuff, to the point where they just won’t bother.

I think they hit a sweet spot where the books they were providing a platform for were a large number of creators moving from marvel and dc, to do their own creator owned stuff, with a balance of books from less well known creators.

I don’t think they have as good a balance recently and I’m finding the hit rate of their books to be lower than it used to be.

And whilst it’s true that that their model is one that allows the reader to take or leave their books, I’ve gone from picking up trying every first issue of every new image book, to just picking up creators I want to read or concepts that really interest me, because I feel there’s been an awful lot of run of the mill books, particularly by the lesser known creators.

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The Solicitations for May 2019 thread is up and running with:

Image, AC Comics, Archie, Dark Horse, Valiant, and Yen Press



It’s a stylistic choice! (The moustache that is).


Only on Bleeding Cool at the moment, but Didio announced the cuts to retailers yesterday:


I think it’s a bad habit of the industry for a long while to be honest. They still have this idea of launching 8 books at once which always inevitably leads to a lack of focus from readers on what to get and at least half of them dying an early death.

Vertigo can never seem to get out of that loop of line launches, just try a great book, market it and hype it and then look to expand if it hits, instead of just chuck volume out there and hope for the best. I’ve always admired Rebellion and Valiant for keeping their offerings to a restricted number.


Cutting back by about another 10% feels about the right thing to do.

Their line is pretty solid right now, but i do like the idea of limiting the ongoings further, bringing c and d list characters into team books and supplementing it all with a bunch of limited series.

There’s too many comics out there, if DC do this others may follow suit.


At a minimum, they need to do away with the overabundance of variant covers!

I can understand one or two variants, but this recent trend at Marvel of releasing 20+ variant covers of a book is, in the long term, bad for the industry as it eats up money that might otherwise be spent to support another title that may be struggling for a wider audience.


I agree with you, Chris.

I would go a step further and say they probably need to find a better balance in genres. It seems like there is a preponderance of fantasy book. I am not big on that so a lot of their product I’m skipping.

I also think a lot of the Image books would benefit from a firmer editorial hand. I understand the company basically publishes what they are given but I think some books would be a bit a bit better if they had some input from an editor.

I have been disappointed with Image of late. Usually, I can find at least one new book a month to try but for the past few two months, nothing.


Damn! Looking at their Previews, they tend to have an event mini with tie-in minis and one-shots in addition to tying into regular monthly titles. While it isn’t probably true, it just seems like they have some mini-event every quarter.

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Yeah I’m not sure that will ever work with their model, it adds to an overhead when all they are about is keeping that low, but I think it would benefit from a more varied editorial control. Basically at the moment everything only gets approved by Eric Stephenson and you do tend to see styles he likes and while overall the line is pretty varied (you can’t say Chew is similar to Lazarus) there does end up a similarity to a lot of the material.


Everyone who thinks it is a stylistic choice, leave the room.


Hitler’s really a remarkable figure when you think about it. He ruined that style of moustache forever.

And not only that, but the swastika and the name “Adolph,” too.

Even as horrible as Stalin was, people still get named Joseph and they still grow bushy moustaches.




Another loss for Dark Horse, as Usagi Yojimbo moves to IDW.

I wonder if Dark Horse’s insistence on soft renumbering the ongoing series into a string of minis had anything to do with it?

Interesting also that the series is going full colour, along with colourised reprints of the entire back catalogue (including the Fantagraphics run). It’s a bit of a shame actually, as UY is one of the few series I think actually works really well in black and white (and Sakai even redid earlier colour stories in black and white for the Sagas), but the colour issues have been nice too.

I’d suggest everyone who wants Saga v8 jumps on that as soon as its released though, as I can’t imagine it’ll get reprinted.


BOOM! Studios today announced ONCE AND FUTURE #1 , an extra-sized issue kicking off an all-new limited series from New York Times bestselling writer Kieron Gillen ( The Wicked + The Divine, Star Wars ) and Russ Manning Award-winning artist Dan Mora ( Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Klaus ) exploring the mysteries of the past, the complicated truths of our history and the power of family to save the day…especially if that family has secret bunkers of ancient weapons and decades of experience hunting the greatest monsters in Britain’s history!

When a group of Nationalists use an ancient artifact to bring a villain from Arthurian myth back from the dead to gain power, ex-monster hunter Bridgette McGuire pulls her unsuspecting grandson Duncan, a museum curator, into a world of magic and mysticism to defeat a legendary threat. Now the two must navigate the complicated history of the McGuire family and combat the deadly secrets of England’s past that threaten its very future.

When a group of Nationalists use an ancient artifact to bring a villain from Arthurian myth back from the dead to gain power

This is sort of the setup for Guards! Guards!.

Anyway, it’s Gillen, so I’ll at least try it. I liked Mora’s work on Klaus a lot.