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Which is why they are suggesting ordering through a comic shop (as well as that way they may also order one for the shelf too).

To be fair to very small publishers that is what it costs to mail stuff individually and securely. We see the same problems with Kickstarter stuff too and a lot of those that initially promised ‘free international shipping’ hit a serious loss. There’s every chance this is just run by one or two people, 8 books in nearly 3 years, my mum did more than that on her own with a small press out of the back room in the 80s.

Ordering through shops means they use the existing distribution platforms and the economies of scale those bring. That’s why the TKO stuff was so much cheaper through the Big Bang and Forbidden Planet.

As a digression I think this is where something like print on demand could see a future. It’s been seen mainly just as something for vanity projects but if you think about it many of the trades on the shelf next me have taken the following journey: Printed in China, sent to a publisher warehouse in the US, ordered by a bookstore in Malaysia and sent back out in the same direction. If you had a company operating in multiple countries that could print the same material then you could just instruct them to run off a copy for Ben in South East England and post it out at local rates (plus a massive carbon footprint reduction).


Image for April

Solicitations for April 2019


Sex, Vol. 6: World Hunger TP

WRITER: Joe Casey
ARTIST: Piotr Kowalski
COVER A: Sonia Harris

APRIL 24 / 120 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

SEX returns in an all-new sixth volume! Return to the world of Saturn City and the various twisted characters who live there, as Simon Cooke embarks on a trek across the world to discover the illicit secrets of the so-called Illuminati—leaving his beloved city open to all manner of desperate depravity. You’ll never know how much you missed SEX until you read the newest chapter of this continuing saga!

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Good to see Black Monday Murders back too; I just read the first TPB and enjoyed it.


Good to see Black Monday Murders is back and concluding - clearly Hickman’s decided not to go the long route on this one.

Looks like Eclipse will be wrapping up too. Again, good to see a writer not afraid of ending a story.


The Solicitations for April 2019 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, Archie, Aspen, Mad Cave, Scout, Yen Press, and Image.

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No longer at Dark Horse.


Going back to self-published. It may well make the most sense, I remember Terry Moore had Strangers in Paradise at Image for a while but took it back in-house. I think if you have quite a loyal following for your work and you do it all yourself anyway you can make more money that way.


Good to see his name again. I really liked his art.


Have added Action Lab, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Valiant, and lots more.

Saturday addition: Boom! Studios and IDW
Total solicits (for this thread) is now at 28
Also added PreviewsWorld Order Forms

Monday update: up to 29 solicits

Tuesday edit:
Solicits up to 31, and also PreviewsWorld Text

Wednesday edit: up to 33 solicits

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Wasn’t that during “the distribution wars” after Marvel bought Heroes World? Jeff Smith’s Bone joined Image following that move then too.


Bone eventually went to Scholastic and killed it there as a staple in school book fairs and children’s book departments.


I don’t know of it it was related, the dates suggest not as Heroes World was bought in 1994 and the Image move was 1996 when they had nearly collapsed. Jim Lee invited him to move the book to Homage because he was a fan. I remember Moore writing later he just preferred doing it himself.

I think it was the case with Bone it was earlier and the reason given was to retain its place in catalogues.

Scholastic have their own kind of unique way of working. They effectively license specific editions to sell primarily through their book clubs but also in shops, so all the time they have been selling Bone, Smith has also been selling it through Cartoon Books in different editions. As far as I know they are the only company that does that as usually a publishing deal means exclusive rights.

It has sold bucketloads though as you say. I bought a copy for my nice a good 8 years or so back and it boasted over 3 million copies sold on the cover.


I used to see kids show up with copies of Bone different places all the time. It blew my mind that an independent comic was getting more reach than any Big 2 mainstream book.


It’s the same with Raina Telgemeier’s stuff. She sells more copies of a single book than a significant percentage of Marvel and DC’s output combined.



My comics boxes are littered with various Ellis series that paused “temporarily” and are still waiting for completion.

On the other hand, I liked Trees.


This is an interesting article:

Better hang onto that original artwork.