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It’s a damned shame that we only get a Firefly/Serenity series about once every three years. Can’t Dark Horse and Mutant Enemy give us a monthly? There’s still much to explore in that 'verse.


I mentioned Grendel before and here is a link:


I love Grendel. One of the great series of the 80s; I’d put it in the same league as Watchmen and Sandman.

It would be great if Dark Horse would put it out over-sized hardcover versions of their softcover omnibuses, or at least a hardcover set that collects Devil by the Deed, #1-40, and War Child #1-10.


have added AfterShock, Hero Tomorrow, and Image


Guy Delisle - Pyongyang.

To be honest, I never had penchant for “journalistic” comics because there is always how much is it objective and what are personal views. Here I applaud creator for bringing on the light this subject matter, but I find his writing offensive and sardonic, instead being honest about the life in North Korea.


Have added 22 more company solicits for a grand total of 38 (for this thread).
Customer Order Forms also.

Thurs. edit: total solicits up to 40


This is interesting.


This has been in the works for a while. I think the film division has already been casting.

Thought so. I thought Bat In the Sun, and, yup, there it be.


Have to admit I’m not sure about this news. They’re saying the right things, but will they actually do them?

Oh well, if they screw this up my trade bill goes way down.



I’m seriously considering ordering at least the #1 of all of these titles. I’ve got room in my monthly budget (which is rapidly approaching zero titles), and Karen Berger has never let me down.

This decision has nothing to do with what they’ve used as the splash screen of that video. Not at all. Nuh-uh. I am not so easily manipula–oooo look, Sensor Girl :heart_eyes:


Has anyone read Hamish Steele’s Pantheon, his retelling of the Ancient Egypt myths?

It’s childish(*) and smutty and takes liberties and I bloody loved it :grin:

    • not actually suitable for children



This is going on the Amazon wishlist.


OK, now updated to 57 solicits (55 for this thread).
I figure that has to be it.
No Previews Text yet, maybe soon.


You are a prince for doing this, Sean!




The Solicitations for May 2018 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, Aspen, Devil’s Due/1First, Rebellion, Scout, Top Cow, and Yen Press

Solicitations for May 2018 (w/Previews text)

Word is the IDW Transformers comics are to end. No word if they will be rebooted or not yet.