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And thus one of the major reasons for the Trades thread!

No joke, I’ve found a serious amount of stuff via that over the years.


Yes really the collected editions mean you can catch up later on the buzz of good stuff. It is difficult being faced with 100 comics coming out the same day.

To add to David’s comment as well as the usual suspects there are also creators now signed to real mainstream publishers, Scott McCloud, Jeff Smith, Bryan Talbot, David Mazzuchelli and Craig Thompson among them.


Although as I’ve mentioned before, fewer in the past could than we imagine. There are the Jack Kirby’s and John Byrne’s but when I look through the old collections there’s a lot of fill in issues too, so we got 12 issues but not necessarily from the same artist. John Romita Sr was nowhere near as prolific as his son, and while he did double up with an art director type job at Marvel nobody seems to want to give Jim Lee the same slack when he’s a senior editor.

Of the prolific guys nowadays people often mention Bagley and Romita Jr but I realised Charlie Adlard of The Walking Dead is putting out around 18 issues a year as they often double ship. Greg Capullo is pretty good too, while there were some gaps for Batman Eternal and Forever Evil stories a lot of the Batman issues have extra story pages so I think he’s doing a 12 a year run pretty much if not more.

Of course artists, while under a disadvantage when it comes to output compared to writers, have the revenue options of selling pages, commissions and sketches.

Since we’re talking Image comics they could be being paid for fill in issues or stuff they don’t draw at least. Jupiter’s Circle is copyright Millar and Quitely so I presume Torres is on a page rate and Quitely takes a share of the profits.


This is why I think comics are really starting into a Long Tail model like so many other media types have. The hits aren’t as big but the bottom of the chart isn’t as small either.


Well yes trades and now a perpetual digital marketplace will be a big element too.

A year or so back Brian Hibbs did a study of Bookscan sales, which on average is 70% of the US and Canada sales. In that The Walking Dead books sold $12m gross in a calendar yes. Yes that is a real number not including anything else sold outside North America. Robert Kirkman is a multi-millionaire without factoring in any TV rights or shows, just from comics.

Of course the TV show pushed that interest but Eric Stephenson said they’d sold 3 million trades before an episode had aired.


The September solicits thread (EDIT: as of Sun. June 21st, but always ongoing) has been updated with:

Action Lab, Archie, Aspen, Bongo, Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, Devils Due/First Comics, Dynamite, IDW, Image, Moonstone, Oni Press, Valiant, and Zenescope.


Kathyrn and Stuart Immonen have a new book out called Russian Olive to Red King. It looks pretty good. Here’s an interesting interview for it.


CBR has the exclusive first details and first interview with Morrison on his BOOM! Studios project – and can virtually guarantee it’s not what you expected.

Morrison has teamed with artist Dan Mora – a BOOM! veteran known for his work on “Hexed” – for “Klaus,” a six-issue miniseries slated to debut in November. “Klaus” is a Santa Claus origin story, reinventing Father Christmas as a crusader against injustice and a rough-and-tumble, Conan the Barbarian-esque superhero. The series draws upon early Viking and Siberian Santa Claus mythology, but also aims to be contemporary, portraying a much cooler and fiercer Santa than the one usually known to come to town every December 25.


Yeah… that’s a weird one.


Yeah, I saw that.
At first I thought it was a joke,but… I’m willing to give it a go. Morrison’s rarely disappointed me, and the premise does kind of make sense once I read the interview.


As long as it isn’t all about meta-fiction I’m looking forward to it.


I dunno, his last book about meta-fiction (Annihilator) was pretty good.

But yes, this looks like it could be fun, although it’s a strange one. From that interview it does seem like the whole thing is a bit of a joke at the expense of the modern trend for revamped origin stories (Batman Begins, Casino Royale, Robin Hood and the like), but he seems to be playing it straight so far.

Either way, it’s Morrison, so I expect he’s done his research and will offer some interesting insights into the character and his history.


It was okay, but very familiar ground and dragged in the middle. It’s basically got the same idea as Multiversity just in a different setting with a screenplay instead of a comic.

Now Nameless is much fresher and I’l like to see more of that and leaving his pet subject to the side for a decade or two. :smile:


Yeah, it did drag in the middle a bit. The final issue rescued it though.

I’d agree that Nameless is the best thing he’s done in ages. Although from that interview it sounds like it’s not a style he plans to continue. Still, variety is good and if he’s creatively refreshed in general then that’s a good thing. His DC superhero stuff was starting to get a bit repetitive.


Image have a sale up on their recent series:

Any recommendations? Of the few I’ve read, I liked Wytches, Bitch Planet, The Fade Out, and Wayward.


Nameless is well worth grabbing. I’d second the recommendation for The Fade Out too.


I’m adding on Invisible Republic because the iFanboy guys in the podcast I listened to today compared it favourably to Lazarus. I’ll get the 2nd and 3rd issues of Southern Cross because I really liked the first issue and want to try more.

Ody-C I really didn’t get along with, as I mentioned at the time it seems hard to get a book based on mythology without a huge amount of exposition and while I love some of Fraction’s work I couldn’t even make it to the end of the issue.


Has anyone read Cowl? I like the look of it but I don’t know I’ve ever seen or heard someone talk about it.


Is that a delayed April Fools joke?


After seeing the art and reading the interview I am super hyped for this. An All Star take? The origin of the sled?
If he can come even close to the quality of ASS then it will be my favourite comic of the year.

Has anybody read anything by this artist though? Is he a good storyteller?