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I’m surprised none of the big guys have picked up James Roberts, he really has a lot of skill as a character writer.

Maybe he’s just happy to stay in his Transformers world.


I suspect he has a day job (I’m guessing either university lecturer or psychiatrist/psychoanalyst) and just does Transformers on the side. It would explain why the trades of Transformers UK, for which he’s been doing supplemental material, have largely ground to a halt since MTMTE took off (volume 6 is due in January, volume 5 was out three years ago, I think).


This. I’m in the same position you are and loving the trades.


I will say I looked at the solicits for future trades and I don’t know how I feel about Megatron taking over the ship! WTF?


It really works. Although it helps to have been reading RiD along side MTMTE going into the Dark Cybertron cross-over.


In all honesty Megatron joining the Autobots is probably the best thing anyone’s ever done with his character.




MTMTE is being cancelled/ replaced - what’s up with that?


It’s just being renamed and numbered, like a Marvel relaunch (which they do every 3 weeks).

Easier to pimp a new #1 than #63 in this modern world.


James Roberts is having a hell of a job getting this message across though. Lots of people think MTMTE is ending and that’s it (not helped by the final cover saying “that’s a wrap”, I suspect).


Basically, after Revolution, The Transformers (formerly Transformers: Robots in Disguise) is being renamed Transformers: Optimus Prime (as it’s basically been following his exploits exclusively since Dark Energon). More Than Meets The Eye is being renamed Transformers: Lost Light.

Apparently Till All Are One is not being renamed, partially because it’s going to be about 6 issues in, partially because it’s already just Windblade renamed, and partially because it’s running behind schedule.


Fair enough and some Transformers fans may not be used to the machinations of the comics industry. However the next month’s solicitations will likely have a prime spot for IDW selling their relaunch and I’d lay a big wager on Lost Light #1 selling more than the previous issue.


Is there any sense of how it’s doing sales-wise?


Transformers comics are so confusing.


Maybe if they could convince the fans that they’re not rebooting the series, just transforming the title to better reflect the content. :wink:


They are pretty low down the Diamond charts with estimates of around 8k. Nowadays though that doesn’t mean much, you have no idea how trades go or digital (which is more relevant for licensed stuff that non comics fans can fall into). They may make a mint off reprints in South Korea or Mexico or wherever.

My barometer nowadays is just how long these things last or whether they expand the line. Nobody can pour money into a loss making idea for years and years. You can’t get away with it.


To be fair. I’m not a regular reader. I just saw the ‘finale’ preview online; the glowing reviews here; and questioned why they were messing with a good thing. I assume that the new name means something to regular MTMTE readers. It’s not blindingly obvious that it’s a continuation to the uninitiated.


Yeah, it’s not being brilliantly communicated and I can see IDW losing out on it.

The new name, Lost Light, is the name of the spaceship in the series. I’m not sure it works as a title to grab new readers, frankly.


I’ll bet a small fortune it sells better than the previous issue, that’s how comics work, as daft as it may be.


Read as a plot development without any context whatsoever it is indeed a WTF idea.

However… Dark Cybertron really sets it up well - I haven’t got any further as I decided to switch to the OHCs and they’ll only be completing Phase 2 Feb / March time next year.

I’m expecting the post-DC OHCs to be dubbed Phase 3.