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Marvel and DC put out a ton of books, probably more!

But they’re far from the only players in the game!

Talk about the others here. Anyone and everyone.

Anyone know what happened to The Maxx Compendium?
Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!
What non-comics are you reading these days?
Alterna Comics

Lazarus is one of the best books I read currently. Recently abstained from the comics shop for a few months to give myself a big stack to read, advised my dealer to stick most of my books into trade but Lazarus is one I’m keeping in singles. It’s a perfect book.


On the strength of Ales Kot’s work on ZERO, I’m going to pick up his new Image book THE SURFACE tomorrow. Just check out this description:

“What would happen if Moebius and District 9 had a baby? Maybe THE SURFACE! Welcome to Africa. Ebola is no longer a problem. The West and the East are moving in - and three hacker lovers are searching Tanzania for the place that can change everything: THE SURFACE!”


Lazarus, one of my regular comics. Great story and nice art work!!!


i am enjoying Jimmy Palmiotti Painkiller Jane & Gillen & McKelvie’s the wicked +the divine , also the private eye by vaughn & martin also erik larsen’s savage dragon .


Another Savage Dragon fan? I thought I was the only one left!


It was on Andrew’s list too in the intro thread. You can start a club.


I’m kind of digging the new Archie. I might check out the first few issue with Waid and Staples.


I have really been enjoying East of West by Johnathan Hickman.


Have you tried his new one, The Dying and the Dead? You can probably still find the first issue at your LCS; definitely worth a shot.


I think that’s Hickman’s best indie title at present. Haven’t tried Dead & Dying, but have decided Manhattan Projects is too mean-spirited for me.


Yes, I feel the same way – love East of West, and found MP not just mean-spirited, but also lacking a narrative direction.


East of West is absolutely brilliant. Waiting on the last few issues of The Sixth Gun, but it seems we’re getting another mini series rather than the last 3 issues.


No i havent Read The Dying and the Dead yet. I will probaly wait for the trade. I am limited to whats on my pull list, got a baby on the way :smile: thanks for the reminder though!


Which is maybe a deliberate consequence. I heard Hickman on Word Balloon a yer or so back and he said he’s using different writing methods on different books. So on Manhattan Projects he doesn’t have the long term plan he has on many of his books and it is done more issue by issue with where his whims take him.

For me I actually find it a bit strange how some people view MP, I’ve heard many comments that it’s cynical or grim or confusing and to me it’s just a silly cartoonish romp with a lot of crazy ideas.


I had no idea that Hickman was approaching MP that way, Gar. Which, you know, good for him. But I’d rather read my narrative fiction that’s been thought-out ahead!


Yeah fair enough, not everything can be everyone’s cup of tea and it isn’t my favourite comic but I do find the criticisms of it a bit strange at times (not from you but readers in general). They seem to be expecting something else and criticising it on that basis, for me the entire point is to take existing characters and historical situations and exaggerate them to comic effect.

Maybe as a consequence of his other work I think it’s taken way too seriously and I struggle to see where it is a cynical work, it’s an improvised romp based on what if this crazy thing happened.


Nonplayer #2 is in Image’s June 2015 Solicitations. This should be good.

story / art / cover: NATE SIMPSON
JUNE 3 / 32 PAGES / FC / T / $2.99
THE SOLD-OUT SERIES RETURNS with a much-anticipated new chapter!
Bent on avenging the death of his queen, game character King Heremoth seeks vengeance against Dana, an unwitting tamale delivery girl. Meanwhile, strange things are afoot in future Los Angeles as a police standoff at a fish market reveals a homicidal robot armed only with seafood. Artist/writer NATE SIMPSON outdoes his beautiful and multi-layered debut with an even more ambitious feat of world-building!

Also, covers are up for Chrononauts #4 (the end of the opening story) and Jupiter’s Circle #3


That’s odd. Is there a reason IDW is publishing Disney comics? I thought they pulled all those licenses to bring them in house once they bought Marvel.


CBR has an interview with Nate Simpson up. I need someone to read it and tell me how spoilery it is for Nonplayer #2. :wink: