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comics art for your eyes by me, mike.


hey people, I had a thread on the old site but i guess that is gone now.

anyways here is what i’ve been up to since. Spiritus a original series from Tim Daniel (Enormous, Burning Fields) and Myself, Edited by Bess Pallares to be published by 215ink in early 2016.

more things here

my main site is down for the moment as i collate images for pretty project pages. is always around.


michael kennedy


These are amazing! Well done, man :slight_smile:


Awesome, I loved your art on Neon Noir, so looking forward to this.



I really dig the colouring! Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


Thanks Guys.

In the meantime I’ve been developing a graphic novel called Artificial Lights
so I do bits and pieces for that for fun. For instance I’ve been pining for a dog recently so I gave my protagonist a shiba inu…



Really nice stuff, and I love the colour palette!


This is great stuff. I love the letters too. I’m becoming obsessed with artists lettering themselves. I love the look of this.



thanks Mark, glad you dig my work, and hand lettering adds a lot to my works overall look. could never get it to look good with smooth bubbles.

thanks again guys



Just spreading the word that my portfolio is up and running at woud love for you all to check out my bits of motion work outside of comics.



BIIIG POST: Highlights of recent work.

a freaky page from spiritus Tim an I elected to scrap.

bit of art work to be featured in “Sagas of the Northmen.” a viking anthology book that will be out soon via blackjack press

some warm ups that looked alright for public consumption.

also uploaded some more test pages from my graphic novel project




One of my favourite MW art posters does it again! Lovely stuff, particularly the viking page.


Dammit, your stuff is amazing!




Wow. Not sure how I missed this thread. Really love the stuff from Artificial Lights. Is there a plan to release it?


I gotta write the thing first, those pages were part of a ‘stream of conciousness’ week or two so I may add words and release them as a 10-15 page short. I tend to do this alot with these characters i.e with the ‘shiba poo poo’ page.

I’ve only recently submitted myself to the process of developing stories in a organised way so the the aesthetic should stay the same but the scenes may alter/be cut out.

as it stands though Artificial lights will consist of two individual 50 ish page stories with a connected narrative arc as it follows the trials of Yannik.

the first part is called Inversion Detector and the sequentials posted here are from that chapter. the second is Artificial Lights

depending on how things go I might release online for free or get a publisher involved further down the line.



Some more highlights.

Currently fishing for more pin up, character design and cover work as its the most neglected part of my comics practice. So if you anyone requires services in that area, hit me up, my cover style is super malleable at the moment so the results are quite collaborative and difffernent to my usual comics work.




spiritus is chugging along, here is Issue ones cover. w/ Tim Daniel

I made a comic for the comicsworkbook composition competition

Been helping set up workshops in comics making for those who just want to jam without the stuggle of draughtsmanship

Contributed a pin up for the Direct market release of Exit Generation.

and I did other stuff.

thanks for your time



Michael, you are amazing. I love this stuff.



thanks Mark! and another thanks for this forum as it’s been the source of many great collabs.

and I should’ve added to the OP that I’m looking for pin-up and cover work to tide me over during my final year at uni

so if you have a story that would benefit form my gross drawings, please get in touch.