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Comichaus: The Netflix of indie comics

Disclaimer : I have no horse in this race. Some on this site do but I just wanted to share some info on it.

So a lot of discussion lately has been about how dire DC and Marvel are and people pining for more innovation or tales from the days of old.

Theres another option.

Comichaus is a Marketplace/Streaming ap/ anthology

So basically an Ap focusing on independent creators that gives you unlimited reading at £3 a month.

oh and you can download the app for free and trial for 14 days

Their main website also offers

Buying and Selling
We have made it as easy as possible to buy and sell your comic books
Simply search for the comic book you want to sell and hit the ‘Sell A Copy’ Button
If your Comic Book doesn’t exist on our system, you can easily add it to our database
It is free to list any comic book. It stays listed until it is sold
We only charge an 1 pence commission on the sale price of the book

Creator Owned Self Published? you can list for free with NO seller fees!
You set the shipping fees
You can add a comic book to your collection or your wants list

Comic Book Listings

We have started you off with a core database of comic book listings, using data supplied by comic book historians and fans alike.

Users can add a release, and contribute to missing data in exchange for comichaus points

Not only is it free to list a comic book, but your listing will populate the database - providing an ever growing comprehensive resource for comic book fans and collectors!

Anyone who contributes gets awarded comichaus points - and every month we will be rewarding the top contributors with goodies

Comichaus launched in early 2015 to fulfill a need for a new platform to buy and sell comic books, whilst also building up a database for reference purposes

Did I mention you can download the app for free and trial for 14 days?

The main reason I’m giving this some coverage is it’s tough for budding creators to get eyeballs on their work.
This platform is the perfect opportunity for those spread across the globe to see the nature of the independent scene from Melbourne to Edinburgh. Kuala Lumpur to Kansas.

check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Oh and apparently some “White Noir” story is in their top 5 most read books alongside Judge Dread, 30 Days of Night and My Little Pony.

no accounting for taste. :stuck_out_tongue:


some of my comics are up there…so if you needed a reason NOT to sign up you know have it! :wink: