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Comic writer seeking artist for collaboration



My name is Zachary Lingley and I am an aspiring comic book writer in need of an artist to aid me in creating the world I have envisioned. I’ll also be strictly upfront, as this is a collaboration with the potential for financial rewards, something that is not a certainty. The work we produce will be available to people on the Tapas online publishing platform, which on its own can provide monetary gains for those that use it alongside a Patreon page where we will offer extra rewards in exchange for money as well. Now not all of the money will get back to us, as I plan to use the bulk of our earnings to expand, hiring another artist to start the next story arc or marketing.

Now as for the project itself, I have been making a large superhero universe set in the year 2034. Now before you shy away from ‘superhero’, please know that my comics will be different, though I do not claim to be better in any context, from those published at DC or Marvel Comics in the sense that mine will have a more realistic and gritty feel to them accompanied by significant doses of politics, mystery, war, religion, etc. not found in your average superhero comic. (Like when I say war, I know war is a common theme obviously, but we never see the logistical or even strategic sides of these conflicts, only really superpowered gods slugging it out with normal people bearing witness.)

Regarding the structure of the comics, they will be similar to the industry standard in the way that they will be monthly 22 page serials for one issue. From there, six issues will make up one story arc. The way story arcs work is this, each arc stands on its own yet is still a part of a larger storyline that coincides with the arcs of the same series and even others.

My first arc that I have created is called ‘Markov’s Dawn’, which features Commissar Nikita Markov of the Second Soviet Union, (see, already different), while she embarks on a mission to investigate the progress of a mine recently established to harvest the remains of a star that fell there in an event known to humans as ‘Stonefall’ a month before. While the warden is suspect of her particular presence, the climax of the first issue is when these rocks seem to give off special powers to those that are exposed to them in a certain way. As that is only the general overview of the first issue, the arc and series themselves will see Nikita face challenges in the form of:

-getting used to her own powers while hiding them from her superiors for fear of what they might do
-navigating the male dominated Soviet government in an effort to prove that a woman should be able to progress as she did, yet still holds true to Soviet beliefs
-connecting with those around her to ensure she has her own circle of loyal followers should anyone act against her
-dealing with the other human weapons that were created in the same incident as she was, for many of them hold a grudge against Mother Russia

Now that is only one series, for their is one about a man in Baltimore having to resort to unsavory means to provide for his family, then a man in the New British Empire that by happenstance comes across a skystone, to twins in Venezuela that must decide if they should work for their country or against it, to also a young boy in Syria that finds himself with special powers that could help not only provide for his village but fight back against the oppressive regime. (My favorite thing about the Syria story is that the oppressive government in the story is what we now know as the Free Syrian Army supported by Turkey. This means that we’ll be seeing Assad forces in conjunction with Kurdish ones to band together to face their common enemy.) What is great, I think, about all these stories is that they truly are about everyday people thrown into extraordinary circumstances and must find out how to either live up to their power or live it down, both in the name of survival.

If interested please email me at as the private messages on this website aren’t as common for me.

Thank You,

Zachary Lingley