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Comic Writer Looking for Artists


Hello everyone, I’m a comic writer looking for artists to collaborate with on a webcomic or submit to publishers. The link I’m providing is a sample script of what I did for last years Millarworld Annual. Please contact me with sequentials at Shawnmilazzo @ gmail.c om.


Hi Shawn,

A word of advice. This doesn’t really work. After many years on this board writers with a script asking for artists never get any replies or traction. Artists are in more demand than writers in comics, they don’t need to read spec scripts and look for stories, it has to be reversed and the writers approach them.

A better tactic is look through the artists that post on the board (there’s over 700 of them in the recent Hit-Girl thread Mark posted), find one that would suit your script and contact them to say you have the perfect story for their style.


I really appreciate your advice. Thank you. =D