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Comic Series "Monster City" looking for artist


Hi all,

I’ve written two issues of a horror-noir comic called “Monster City.” The comic is a mashup — think Dracula as the Godfather — which focusses on an FBI agent who is trying to find a missing girl with the aid of someone who once worked for Dracula’s cult. It’s a combination of episodic detective cases a la The X-Files which culminate in a larger mythology that explores naturalism, religious devotion, and personal loss. You can check out the first issue here.

I had an artist who completed two issues, but I’m in need of some new talent to carry the project forward. So, two questions for all of you…

  1. Any recommendations on someone whose style would be a good fit? The high-contrast noir look is a must. I’m wanting to veer towards a more realist look than the current art.

  2. We’re only two books in… thoughts on switching to a new artist for issue 3 vs. redoing issue 1 as we submit to publishers?



Hi Tim,
If you’re submitting to publishers like Image and alike, I think you need to redo issue 1. No offence to the artist, but it just doesn’t look professional. No matter how good the story is, visual images is the first thing anyone see.