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So after hearing that a mate missed out on the opportunity to meet the Glorious Nick Roche in London this weekend. I feel this thread might help out folks to discover what’s happening across the planet in regards signings and appearances of the famous folks of the comic world.

So if you have anything happening in your next of the woods stick it here.
In Regards Nick he’s left Orbital comics but his art will still be on Display there alongside Nicks work the art of PJ Holden(2000ad), Stephen Mooney (Half past danger, Grayson) and Will Sliney( Spiderman) until April 27th.

So lets hear what you have happening.

Local comic events

MM is doing a signing in Birmingham on 18th April that I’m hoping to get to:


The Big Bang in Dublin is really treating the comic fans here to some great treats this year. Millar’s appearance is being followed by Chip Zdarsky.

Also in April they take the show on the Road to the fair county of Cork. Featuring a great cross section of the Irish indy and pro sceen.


Opticon Belfast 2015

Opticon is a fan run Transformers event celebrating everything from Generation 1 up to present day Transformers. The first weekend is being held in W5 Odyssey Belfast on 9th & 10th May 2015 With Simon Furman and Nick Roche already signed up to appear!


Promises to be all graphic novels, no toys or people dressing up as Batman :wink:

Speakers include Dave Gibbons, Bryan Talbot, Al Davison, and, uh, loads more that I’m not going to type, just go to the site and see.

Admission free!

The only downside is that you have to go to Sunderland.


Con season is closing in quickly. A good friend of mine runs a show in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This year he’s managed to get Greg Land and John Wesley Ship for the show along with a con exclusive Marvel cover by Land. If you’re seen the film Gone Girl, the bridge in the background of the cover makes several appearances in the film. I won’t be able to attend but if you’re in the Southeast Missouri area, drop in and tell Ken that Ronnie says hi.


John Mc Crea is doing two signings this June
The first is at The Big Bang in Dublin
The Big bang event

The second Day is at Comic Book guys In Belfast


Ha! That’s my PJ Holden commission piece down the bottom of that poster!


You should sue!
Or at least get some Royalties. :slight_smile:


A bit more detail for the thing I mentioned previously:


Gutted I wasn’t able to make it to the first Granite City Comic Con due to illness this weekend. There weren’t any big guests (headliners were Gredo and one of the original Thunderbirds) though I would have liked meeting Alan Grant and Gary Erskine (again). Having a look at some of the cosplay online makes me think I’ll really need to get my shit together for next year…


This sounds like exactly my sort of thing, but Kendal is a bit out of the way for a day trip and a weekend trip will work out pretty expensive. I’ll have to think about it…

Welcome to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. It is the only
one of its kind in the UK taking over the whole town of Kendal, on the
edge of the Lake District, for a weekend. On his visit in 2013
internationally-renowned comic artists, Joe Sacco, said it was an
“important moment in British comics”.
The Festival has many elements for you to experience and enjoy :- 1. A
free Comics Clocktower open Saturday and Sunday all day and full of
independent creators, publishers and retailers representing a wide range
of comics from around the world 2. A ticketed events programme bursting
with opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the
leading comic artists and writers from across the world - see them draw,
talk about their work and bring comics to life in front of your eyes
(includes films too) 3. Free exhibitions and a free windows on comic art
trail around town 4. Workshops and masterclasses 5. A free family zone
with lots of drop-in activity for all ages and a series of fantastic
workshops for kids and teenagers (ticketed) 6. Pop-up comic art venues
including a special bar with a twist
Plus a town celebrating comics for a whole weekend and offering a warm welcome comics-style.

Just a sampling of what’s on offer:

…wait a minute! I think those ticket prices are per event :frowning:


The last Auto Assembly


We had an event here in Derry called 2D. But the Funding was Pulled. It has been reborn in a new form.

Comiccity facebook page


Millar signing at TRAVELLING MAN YORK 9th OCT


17 Septemberat 18:00

And Then next Month

SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 launch + WILL SLINEY signing!


Local cinema in Aberdeen is showing Future Shock, the story of 2000AD this week (and had a Judge to boot, and boot perps).

My local comic shop will have a signing in a few weeks. I’ll keep this thread in mind to share it.


@Bruce are you going?


Was planning to when I heard they were showing it but I’m lousy with the cold just now so not feeling up to going out. Spending time with the wee one too before I go back to work on Wednesday.


Dallas from the Belmont put up some pics on Facebook the other day. Certainly looked the part!