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Comic Creators in cars getting stroppy…The show?


THAT is my favouiet episode so far…not because of teh scaring…i wouldnt do that.
But the banter back and forth is fantastic…if i can get anywhere near that level of flowing back and forth i think this would work.


That car is not one you would want to be in an accident in. :wink:

I’ve only seen the first season or two. I really liked the Chris Rock episode with the Lamborghini Miura. I also liked the Porsche 911 Carrera RS that he refers to as a “funeral car” (I think) because it only changes hands when someone dies. I had to look up that it was Seth Meyers. The Porsche 356 with Leno and 1963 Chevrolet Corvette with Obama weren’t bad either.


I nominate myself as the driver. That should add some drama.


Yeah I agree, there are indie ones and John Siuntres has the pro interviews pretty much covered.


The 3 comics pods I regularly listen to are

Word Balloon- John Siuntres
OFF PANEL- David Harper
Awesome Comics Podcast

Might have to drop awesome comics though. They keep raving about this Matthew Gravey guy who is getting over exposed for my indie tastes.


I know they looooooooooove me…I was Dan’s favourite PUBLISHER of last year!
They are all really nice guys…


And they really do have some nice things to say about you.
All of which is deserved.
I especially like the part where they call you a *&@%£^


Hah, thanks for listening!


They are very honest


Ok, this is taking shape… :blush:


See now heres a creator I can get behind.
Deniz’s dulcet tones and informed manner just screams professionalism.
Had me on the edge of my seat.

Gauntlet thrown down Garvey!


Not me mate…I’ll be doing the driving


@Rocket will testify that riding with me can be a special adventure!


if you want to have an extra long episode, have Miqque on your show and rely on him for directions :rofl:


I think I’ll give it a miss! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did no one know how to use GPS???


yea, but " the yellow house on this block between these other 2 places" does not work all that well in GPS


My only defense is they filled me with MSG and were distracting!

And it was all the way on the other side of town!


I must say I am really enjoying the way this thread has turned!


All my threads tend to go off on a tangent…9/10 is because of you though, Mark :joy: