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Comic Creators in cars getting stroppy…The show?


Seen it NO!!!


I honestly think you might have a real issue with this. Comics pros have to deal with all manner of weird fans. Millar has some stories. I don’t know if that many would get in a car with any of their fans, no matter how well known you might be. It’s a bit of an imposition to ask. And logistically it’s a pain to arrange, and creative types are horrible at schedules.

Go for it anyway if your heart is set, I just think you’ve restricted the flexibility to get good interviews right from the concept.

I also think the gimmick adds nothing. Seinfield bowling with celebs, Seinfield getting a massage with celebs, Seinfield sitting on the couch with celebs - it’d have been the same hit no matter what the setting.


Well, the good thing is i’m not a werid fan. :wink: regardless of what @markabnett says.

The creators i have been lucky enough to meet tend to like me because i treat them as regular people…even given a couple a lift to cons that we have both been going to too…we had a chat and a laugh…so i really do think this would work.
Plus i’m not going to be going after NAMES…at the start anyway…start with small press and indie creators…build up a viewership and then slowly invite bigger names…


How about Comic Creators Parked in the Garage Getting Carbon Monoxide?


That could work…


A buddy used to run a small convention in a little town that I helped out with. So I ended up chauffeuring creators for the weekend and driving some to the airport at the end which is about an hour and a half drive.

I’m sure the experience had to be weird and creepy for them but they did tell some really great stories.

For Matt’s show, I would agree. However, I strongly disagree for Seinfeld. He’s a pretty big car guy and has a sizable collection of some truly unique cars, probably only Leno is more well known for his car collection. So it’s something really entwined in his personality and probably one of the reasons he does the show.

I honestly find Seinfeld annoying but love that show for the cars and the interaction with the other comedians.


That’s the bit I want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve posted a bunch from YouTube, but maybe not some of what I think of as Awards videos. Be real, be funny, be consistent and provide regular content and you too can be a YouTube hit!

“Comic Pros In Cars Getting Coffee”. Sure. Why not?


i always need a poo after coffee…hence the lack of coffee in the title! :wink:


Comic creators in Motorway Services Stalls??


Colon: the glory hole of truth?!


Well, there’s a lot of youtubers can make a live with the money they make from their videos. I think that YouTube can be a rentable source of money.
So, why not?


oh, i’m not thinking about doing it for money…i just think it would be fun!


Well, money matters aside, I think that this can go very well. After all, how many people has known superhero comics for their movies, like Wonder Woman, or The avengers, or Justice league? How many people would have known Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto if it weren’t for their anime versions?
I know we aren’t talking about the same, by a long shot, but this can be very alike, only that in a smaller scale.


We’ll see…need some guest first…if IF i decide to do it! :wink:


Just listened to the Ghost City Comics podcast featuring our very own @DenizCamp - proved to me that listening to aspiring comic pros talk about their ideas/process/work is actually very interesting / inspiring (at least for me as an aspiring novice). If you can achieve something similar or do a version with peeps from the indie scene then you have my blessing. Also, might be easier logistically as a podcast AND give you more chances to speak with global creators (just sayin’!).


Awwww, that’s great…cheers!
I think there are enough great podcasts out there such the one you linked and the awesome comics podcast…thats why i thought doing a youtube channel with video might be something a little more unique…plus i can always just release the audio as a “podcast” after


Yeah, fair point. There’s a chance you’ll get some decent visuals too ie facial expressions or reactions when they realise what your driving’s like.

I think you get extra points for having such a vibrant presence on this board/twitter etc so worth pitching your reach when you pursue interviewees. Could add a link on future comics too?


I think i can get a few decent people that i know, but we’ll see! :smiley:


I imagine every video being like the episode with Ricky Gervais where Jerry Seinfeld just keeps scaring the shit out him in the Austin-Healey 3000 only the comic creators look like they’re being driven somewhere to be murdered. :wink: