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Comic Creators in cars getting stroppy…The show?


So, I’ve been ill all weekend…on the sofa binge watching TV…as you do and the only thing that got me through without losing my mind was finding out that the Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars getting coffee is on Netflix in the UK!
I was over the moon, because Seinfeld is and always been my favourite TV show…EVER!
I’m also a HUGE stand up fan and Jerry is one of my heroes…
I know this show has been on for a few years, but it has never been shown over here and every time I have tried to watch it online I get the “sorry you are not in the correct area!” or is will be a pirated copy on YouTube where the screen is tiny and pixelated.
I am sure there is a way to have seen it, but I’m not that great with tech…but anyway, I digress.
I watched 35 episodes this weekend…(as I said I was ill) and I fell in love with this show.
I’m not a car guy, but I love comedy.
Those of you who do not know what it is, it is basically a regular talk show that is not in a studio. Jerry picks and shows off a fancy car and then he picks up another comedian and they drive to a coffee shop and have a chat and make each other laugh.

As I was watching this I tweeted a silly joke:
“I after binge watching so many comedians in cars getting coffee I kinda wanna make my own YouTube show now…comic creators in cars getting stroppy…”
Within a couple of house a couple of house 24 people “liked” the tweet and I started getting a messages saying “I’d watch that” and I started thinking…I could do a my own show…
Not the same (for copyright reasons!;)), obviously, plus I have no budget, so no fancy cars…no crew, so no location shooting…or coffee shops.

But, what I am thinking is, just me and a comic creator in my car, driving around and me asking them questions about making comics…their processes, what they are reading and stuff like that.
Because whenever I do a comic con, people ALWAYS come up to me and ask how I make comics and I love talking about the process and try and encourage everyone I meet….but that’s just might opinion and my way…there are as many different ways to make comics as there are creators.
Also, I am not just saying I would try and get comic “pros” on (because I don’t actually know any), but I am thinking I can do it with small press and indie creators…because they are making their way in the comic world and it might be interesting…plus, if I am able to get any “pros” on, I’m not just talking about writers and artists, but I’d like to get colourists and editors on too…because there are other sides to making a comic that people don’t realise.

So, the reason for this thread is really to ask, if I was to put my money where my big fat mouth is…would a Youtube style show be on any interest to you lot…


I wouldn’t worry too much about the format - or the budget. Robert Llewellyn (of Red Dwarf/Kryten fame) was doing a web series with an almost identical premise for years before Seinfeld’s show came along. And if memory serves, he did it with virtually no budget - just a basic camera set up on the dashboard.

I think it’s a fun idea that could work.


hmmmmmmmmmmmm…cheers buddy! :wink:


Yeah I have a friend in the UK with a Youtube channel and she has her car rigged up to talk to camera and it works perfectly well, that’s with an amateur setup. I could ask her if you like what the camera/mic setup is.

You can also release it as an audio podcast too, if it’s pretty much all ‘chat’ a few people do that.


when did you get a friend?! ;p

yeah if you could ask here that would be great.
I was juts think about grabbing a gopro 5 and just doing it! :wink:


There’s actually a small bit of information on Llewellyn’s setup in this article.


This idea is good.
But probably better as a podcast so we don’t have to look at you.
Unless I’m in it.
But I haven’t made any books.

Damn you Garvey!!


cheers, buddy! :smiley:


get your arse in gear get one made, do a con down here and i can pick you up at the airport and it can be an episode!


Side note: just found out that my details have been used in Insurance fraud and I own 7 cars with my husband Rahim Ali!
Also apparently I’m a fishmonger!!!

But yes I will sort my books out!


i was waiting for you two kids to get together…


I’d watch it.

I think it’s a pretty cool idea, really. Do it in a bit of a comedy style (which knowing you shouldn’t be hard), talk loosely and maybe get the guys to show you around the places they live. It’d be a cool excuse to meet those people, too. :slight_smile:


that was my plan… :wink:


Lead character for your book right there - this stuff just writes itself.


Oh yeah, I’d watch this BTW.


Honestly I’d drop the car bit. If I’m a creator I’m not going to trust some weird guy to drive me around. And you cant focus on the conversation if you’re trying to get onto a busy roundabout. Seinfield has the getting coffee part too. So have it happen over a coffee, or over a pint, or playing a game of pool, or eating Jaffa cakes. I think the car is just too logistically challenging, and it’d put off quite a few creators.


I was thinking the car was the key bit. If he hires himself out for as a chauffer for comics pros travelling to cons, he’ll be quids in even before selling the secret films of their conversations :wink:


The problem with that Jim is that it would require locations to film in…getting releases signed from people…permission for the locations…potentially multiple cameras and a crew of one of two others…plus the factors of idiots in the general public.
I’sd also have to change the name…comic creators in a pub getting stroppy?! dont work! :wink:
The car is my own sealed pod…plus you have obviously nevre had a conversation with me while i’m driving…im VERY capable…


oh, i’d do it for free!
Mr Millar you are coming to London for a premier and you need a ride to and from the airport…well allow me…you don’t mind if i film this do you?
BOOM thats an episode!


If you love comedians in cars getting coffee and carpool karaoke you’ll love celebrities in cars just driving.