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Comic Book Writer Looking For Atists


Hi guys I’m looking for skilled comic artists to pencil and ink some of my projects.
I’ve got a few scripts completed and two of my titles being drawn right now.
I’d like to be ready to go with a new one as soon as these are done and am looking for a new artist.
Please send me your rates and links to your work.

Look forward to hearing from you thanks!


Hi Ric,

I don’t want to come down too negatively, but when posting for artists your writing is the only thing an artist will have to go on. If you’re serious about tempting someone to team up, it’s important to slow down and check your work for typos and missing words. It just shows professionalism and that you take your stuff seriously, and that you’re a writer.

Do you have any sample pages completed that you could show that give an indication that you’ve got a handle on dialogue, and the kind of stories you produce?

I only mention as a lot of people post requesting artists and they get no responses. Getting an artist to devote time to a book is tricky at the best of times, and attention to detail and putting together a thorough introductory paragraph will help you out lots.


Thanks for the interest.
What comics are you working on right now?


A six page spy story, in between doing book covers (am more of a covers / pinups man).


Beautiful! Good luck with your story and covers!


Hi @RicRags

I have my own comic book which I illustrate, ink and colour
Please feel free to check it out here
I also have a facebook page. Super-Dud
My Rate is $100 a page (Pencils and Inks)

I look forward to hearing back from you

kind regards



Thanks for getting back to meet it’s great to meet you.


No problem man
I’m also building my Behance page if you wanna check it out.