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Just as I am again bemoaning the loss of Wizard magazine and its role in making the hobby of reading comics more fun and exciting

Is there any sites out there that

  1. focus on comics
  2. that take a positive approach to comics, the way Wizard did
  3. interview creators etc
  4. dont take an age to load because they are spammed with advertising
  5. are easy to navigate
  6. don’t have these top 10 lists that seem to be rude everyone on the net just now

And what sites, if any, do you guys frequent outside of millarworld?

My sources, which seem to give me a pretty much blanket coverage of the industry are Previews, 11 Clock Comics podcast, and of course Millarworld itself.

But I still feel that there’s something lacking when it comes to buzz.


I still use Comic Book Resources but it’s frustrating as hell. It regularly freezes up, has load problems or just reloads to show me a full screen pop up. I’ve tried a few others like ComicBook . com but have been just as disappointed and they don’t have the features that I enjoy on CBR.

I know a lot of people slagged Wizard off as sheerly a Marvel/Image promotion pamphlet but I think it’s sorely missed. I’ve seen one or two comic book magazines on the newstands at bookstores but haven’t found them to be anything similar.


I still miss The Fourth Rail.


I was a subscriber for many years to The Comics Buyer’s Guide, a weekly newspaper published by Krause and edited by Don and Maggie Thompson with regular columns from Peter David, Mark Evanier, Tony Isabella and other industry faces. It had more actual reporting and news features than the sexier Wizard and Hero magazines. Sadly, it ceased publication in early 2013.


The AV Club’s comics coverage is pretty good, if you can get over the site’s awful Kinja redesign:


It’s a bit sad but I think the economics now of websites means the main way they can keep a viable business model is with social media spread clickbait.

I find the intelligent coverage nowadays is in podcasts but of course they can’t keep up with the breaking news in the same way.

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The Black, White and Read weekly comic review show from Comictown on YouTube is the most positive place for comics. Victor and Ryan love comics and it comes through with every show. Millar loves them so much they’re featured on the MW home page.