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Comic Book movies and their long lasting impact - A discussion

Yeah, so I got the idea from the DC movies thread (Feel free to merge some of them posts here or this one there) about not only how we might like this or that movie, but also how our perception of these movies change overtime.

For exemple, when they came out, I really liked the first 2 Raimi’s Spideys and the first couple of X-Men, and now, well… not so much. Same goes for Nolan’s Bat trilogy, for exemple, where I was glad with them when they came out (the first 2, I very much disliked Rises from the get-go), but now they also don’t seem to stand the test of time either.

So I guess this is more of a “test of time” discussion. I know for a fact that A LOT of people here still consider the Donner Superman movies as the be-all end-all of SH movies, personally I never liked them and have no nostalgia towards them, but fair enough.

Another good case scenario is Watchmen, where people didn’t really like it and it kinda tanked at the BO, but recently people have been more kind to it, and lots of people saying “it was ahead of its time” (which I happen to think as well).

So anyways, what’s everyone’s take on this? Which movies do you think hold up well after several years/decades, and which movies do you think will do so from the current batch of CB movies (all CB, not only SH stuff)… and by “current batch” let’s go with from Iron Man 1 forward, as that’s the start of the MCU, so it seems like a good point (and let’s go with MoS for DC’s “current batch”).


Anyways, for me… as I said, Most movies I can enjoy when they come out but they have some VERY different longevity depending on each one. Even the more recent stuff like the Nolan Bat-trilogy I mentioned, I’m really not very fond of it anymore (except for some parts here and there from the 1st and 2nd ones). And mind you, it’s not about being a Nolan hater, 'cause he’s in my top 3 movie makers, so yeah, I really loves his moves except for his Bat-flicks which is kibnd of ironic I guess…

I do think some of the lesser-liked CB movies hold up the best so far… I’m talking about things like Watchmen for exemple, but also Constantine and V for Vendetta (which was a nice period of stand-alone CB movies from Warner, before they went stupid jealous).

As for the more recent ones… I dunno… I don’t think the Nolan trilogy will be that beloved in the future (except maybe for the 2nd one). The Raimi Spidey flicks haven’t aged well either… And Bryan Singer is just not a good film maker… he’s awesome with “whoa moments” but overall I’m really not impressed with his X-movies overall.

From the MCU, I think only a few will pass the test of time, but they’re mostly filler. IM1 probably will because it was the first one (and RDJ), IM3 might too because it’s the “proper” sequel and also a good stand-alone christmas flick… those always do well :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that GotG1 might (GotG2 is crap), Winter Soldier maaaaaybe… Avengers 1 definetly, and maaaaybe Thor Ragnarok as well (although I don’t think so).

Of course, as a Snyder fan (how surprising) I obviously think MoS and BvS will not only make it, but they’re also gonna be looked upon a lot better some years from now… maybe people will also say “they were ahead of their time” or whatever… seems to be a trend with that guy :smile:


I think the franchise-mode that we’ve been in (in and out of superhero movies) represents a paradigm shift in how we view films. I don’t know that people will point to individual films like Winter Soldier or Iron Man as all-timers in a couple of decades in the same way that my generation views Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, or Ghostbusters, but I think “the MCU” as a globby whole will. It’s almost the TV-ification of films. I barely remember any single episode of MacGyver, but I do remember it as one of my favorite TV shows growing up.


I think superhero films tend to hold up very well, particularly when they bear the fingerprints of a director with a strong style.

The first two (and sometimes three) movies in Donner’s Superman, Burton’s Batman, Singer’s X-Men, Raimi’s Spider-Man, Del Toro’s Hellboy, Nolan’s Batman, Whedon’s Avengers, Snyder’s Superman, and Gunn’s Guardians have all aged well to me.

The ones that haven’t are the ones that just try to keep a gravy train going. X3, Justice League, Infinity War, the Shumaker Batman ones, stuff like that.


Infinity War has certainly aged terribly.


Older superhero movies that have all aged well, to me at least:

Superman: The Movie
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
Spider-Man 2

If this was a few years ago I would probably have had even more on that list. It gets shorter over time as it becomes apparent which ones hold my interest. The rest range from ones that I still like, only not as much as I used to, like Spider-Man, to Catwoman.

Out of the more modern batch, I would wager that the following will still hold up in the longer-term…

Iron Man
Guardians of the Galaxy
Black Panther
Wonder Woman
The First Avenger (still seems terribly overlooked right now; hopefully that changes in time!)

Maybe Ragnarok and Winter Soldier, since they are undeniably great films, but they do rely a fair bit on wider familiarity with the MCU filmography.