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Comic book discussion meetups


Do people meetup for comic discussions IRL? What do you review? Trades or single issues? Curious to see what people are doing.


I’ve attended quite a few over the years.

Generally in a pub. And discuss things similar to a message board. Sometimes the debates are more heated. And the trolling is far more statisfing IRL.

Lorcan even used one to torture a mate towards the end of stag do.

They can be hard to kick off. But a central location or the backing of a good LCS should bring you bodies. There are no hard and fast rules. But we done similar to a book club where you all read the same run/trade and it’s the main topic for next meet up.
Are you planning on attending one or trying to start one?


Trying to set up. My FLCS has got chairs and tables, and suggested that anyone who comes along on the day can get a discount if they pre-pay for the next month’s book, way to encourage folk to turn up if anything.

If it came down to it, there’s plenty of pubs nearby as well, but having it in the shop would open it to people who don’t drink, or are driving in. Plus I’ve tried to do stuff like that in pubs, and the amount of drunken idiots who start something is unreal.