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Comic Book Artist Open to Projects!


Hello there!

My name is Mac Radwanski and I am comic book artist, looking for some new projects to work on with some talented people. Some of my published books include: “The Face and the Hand”, “Runners”, “Million Dollar Men”, “Indy Horror Comics #2”, “Doc Dino”. Please feel free to have a look at some of my work at or and if you’re interested in doing something together, you can reach me at or PM me here, whichever you prefer.

My rates are very flexible, depending on the length of the project, content and various other factors, starting at:

Pencilled page - 25USD
Pencilled and inked page - 30USD
Full body character shot in pencil - 15USD
Full body character shot in ink - 20USD
Cover/Pin-up illustration - 40USD

Thanks for your time and looking forward to hearing from you and reading your scripts! I accept full issues as well as short stories/pitches in any genre aside from manga.



At those prices you lot would be MAD to not wanna work with such a talented chap!


Wow thanks Matt. I appreciate that.
I understand making comics out of your own pocket isn’t easy so I try my best to find a good balance between being able to draw, learn and gain experience, while also being able to pay a few bills while I’m at it.


Mate, i’d snap you up right here at those prices, but sadly i got nothing “new” ready at the moment…already got seven comics in production, so i am all tapped out! :yum:
But do me a favour, drop me your email in a DM and i’ll keep in touch.


Seven? Now that’s productivity! Best of luck on those, and sure thing, I’ll send a DM, maybe we’ll get to work on something in the future.


good lad!
If you are on twitter hit me up and i’ll RT that you are looking for work, more advertising the better!


Yeeaah, I should probably get with the times with the whole Twitter thing. I made an account years ago, never used it once while gaining followers somehow… maybe I should look into that…


This is great! Will definitely keep you in mind for the near future!


Sounds good, Ben. Be well!


were are you from