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Comic Book Artist Available for Projects!


Hello friends!

Last time I posted here back in May I met some great people and worked on some great comics with them. I figured it’s time to do it again and make some more comics!

My name is Mac Radwanski and you can have a look at some of my work at or and if you’re interested in doing something together, you can reach me at or PM me here, whichever you prefer.

My rates are very flexible, depending on the length of the project, content and various other factors, starting at:

Pencilled page - 30USD
Pencilled and inked page - 40USD
Full body character shot in pencil - 15USD
Full body character shot in ink - 20USD
Cover/Pin-up illustration - 50USD

Thanks for your time and looking forward to hearing from you and reading your scripts! I accept full issues as well as short stories/pitches in any genre!



Mac’s back!

He’s a pleasure to work with, and unfazed by the craziest stories :grin:


Thanks James, hope you’ve been well!


I’ll also vouch for him, come to think of it! He’s just finishing up some pages with me, and he’s been very easy to work with, with steadily satisfactory results.


Hi guys, thought I’d drop off some new stuff, enjoy!


Looking good!


Amazing look