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Comic Book Art- Armin


Thank you!


amazing works, my compliments!!:slight_smile:


Thank you!


And the third one. That’s enough of Punisher…for now. :slight_smile:


Those Punishers are great!!


Thank you!


Page 3 of Hulk vs Superman samples


Been a while since I posted here.
Here is a pinup I did for fun.
I’ve also made a process video on my YouTube channel if you want to check out.





These are amazing Armin


Thanks, appreciate it!


Love this! Having fun is what this is all about. Did you write the fan fiction too? I also recently wrote a parody of The Big Two’s Big Dogs duking it out to the last man standing in the finale of a six issue mini-series. Did it as a parody so I can self-publish. Can’t beat this kinda fun. You can check out some of my work on I’m adding more every month. Oh, and your work is solid, brother. If you ever want to collaborate, let me know!




Really cool work. Best of luck to you! I can’t wait to see all the cool things you do next.


Thank you very much!