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Comic Book Art- Armin



Hey man, you have an amazing art here, I loved the lines, the face expressions, story telling, all perfect.

Keep it up buddy and you will score high soon.


Thanks! Really appreciate it!


Hey All!

I haven’t posted here in a while and since I still can’t post any new stuff, here is an old Batman pinup I did for fun.
Let me know what you guys think.



More old work. Conan sample pages I did for fun.
I was thinking to send these along with some of my other work to Dark Horse as artist submission package.
I’ve never sent anything to Dark Horse.

What do you guys think… Are these good enough, is it worth a try?


I wouldn’t worry about them being good enough. To my eye they’re professsional quality, and a lot better than some published professionals.


Thanks a lot, David. I really appreciate it!
I haven’t had much luck with bigger US publishers, but hopefully that will change one day. :slight_smile:


Submit! Why not? If they say “no”, you might get good advice, and you’re in no worse a position, plus they have heard your name. And if they say “yes”, then there ya go!


I doubt they respond to submission they don’t have interest in, but yeah…I got nothing to loose.
They only accept snail mail submissions, which sucks. But I’ll get around to send something one of these days.


Wow! I love your Duke (and the others, of course!)


Thnaks a lot!


Hey all,

this is “Beskrvni” poster for the upcoming Leskovac festival where I won an award for Balkan’s best young cartoonist last year.
Let me know what you guys think.



Pretty amazing work, Armin. The shading on the gunman’s leg is particularly well done.


@njerry Thanks a lot!


Here is a first of 4 pages I’m slowly doing in between other work for fun and portfolio to hopefully get some attention from Marve/DC
Let me know what you guys think.



Had some more time to work on these. Here is page 2.



Punisher pinup I did for fun. Love drawing this guy!


Another one


Awesome! The Punisher pics are very Kris Anka.


Thanks! I’m fimiliar with his work but I don’t see the resemblance. Glad you like it anyway! :slight_smile:


I thin it’s the lighting an facial expression that does it - you’ve definitely got a style all your own, don’t get me wrong! :slight_smile: