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Comic Book Art- Armin


Dig the Spidey / DD pages @ArminOzdic. Like the fact you've given them both different builds rather than a one-size-fits-all superhero body.


They certainly are. IMHO


Thanks @brucegray666 Glad you like it!


More old work. Wolverine sample pages


These pages are great. The Spidey/DD sequence is very nice and the Wolverine pages have real character to them. Is Cassaday an influence? Something about the Wolverine pages put me in mind of his stuff.


Thanks, @DaveWallace
Yes, he definitely is...especially in my older work.


Really great work, Armin... Love it!


Thanks a lot, man!


Here's Mike from Better call Saul/Breaking bad


That's great. Capturing a likeness without going the slavishly photo-realistic route can be very tough, but this is perfect.


Thanks a lot, Dave!
Yeah, I tried giving him comic book look.


Amazingly good! Whatever techniques you used for this I hope you made notes - this is a good way to go!


Thanks, man! I'm always taking mental notes. :smiley:


Stellar stuff!
I agree about Mike - spot on. I tried drawing him the other day, tough one to crack, but you have me beat :wink:


Thanks! @EllBalson


Here is Saul/James


Brilliant. I'd love to see more of these.


Thanks a lot, Dave! I plan to, when I get some time, in between pages...characters from different shows and genres but in the same style.


Dude. I am LOVING those Marvel samples!!! CLEAN and CRISP!


Thanks a lot, man!