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Comic Book Art- Armin

Hi all,

Decided to make a thread here, to showcase some of my work.
My name is Armin and I’m 25 years old. I’m professional comic book artist currently working on two projects for French publisher Soleil that will be announced and published this year. I also work on few indie project and private commissions.
In the past I’ve worked with mostly small and indie US publishers.


Looks like I can’t post any pics as I’m new member(I’m not that new…I’ve been on old forum for couple of months :smiley: )
So this thread is on hold until I can post pics.

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Thanks @RonnieM !

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Anytime. I’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve been working on.

I’ll start of with a fan-art pinup for Marks’ Starlight and few sample pages I did for Marvel last year. I’m not allowed to post much of the newer stuff, but I’ll update this thread when I can.


That top piece is very nice. Was it published in one of Blake’s Millarworld features?

Thanks @RonnieM
Yeah, in MPH #5

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It was great to see your work printed in MPH 5. Thank you for sharing more of your art.


Quite like your style! Good stuff! Feel free to cruise around the whole site, you might find something to catch your interest!

Armin was around for the old board. He popped into several threads.

@ArminOzdic - You’ll have to let us know if any of your Soleil material ever makes it to the States. I really like their stuff.

Thanks @Miqque

will do! I’ll also post some pages here when I can.

You had me at daredevil, buddy! :smiley:

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@ArminOzdic - So sorry I didn’t recognize you! The art should have given it away, at least! Yeah, it’s true; I was not spending enough time in the Creative section. Consider that fixed!

2 pages I did last year as a tryout for a French publisher.
They went with another artist for this project, but I got other project from the same publisher based on these pages.


Great stuff, Armin.

Thanks @RonnieM! Appreciate it!

I think sequentials are much harder to do than pin-ups or covers and generally show more of a mastery of the art.