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Comic Artist looking for published Image Comics Writer

I’m a published comic artist and I have worked in the game biz for the last 18 years. I did draw the first two issues of “It Came From Beneath The Sea… Again!” which is available as a digital comic and was done for Bluewater Comics. I also did draw two full stories for Papercutz new “Tales From The Crypt” series. I also did some webcomic pages you can see on my deviantArt site at

The comics all were done around 2008 and I had to finish working in comics back then. Now it is time to give it another shot.

My new art related blog you can find at:

I’m looking for a published Image / Dark Horse etc. comics writer for collaboration to get out an Image book or series.
If you are interested in collaboration please use the contact form on my blog ( or reply.




Good luck Chris!

Hi Chris, aspiring writer here. My two cents. Could I suggest a more proactive approach? Us newbie writers are generally encouraged to court artists, follow their work, contact them directly about the possibility of collaboration, be prepared to pay them for their services, maybe pitch them the sorts of projects we’d like to work on etc. Unless I’m prepared to pay big $$$ for an already professional artist, what chances do I have that they’d want to work with me? Low, I’m sure.

The question is, does this work differently for artists seeking writers? I’m not sure that it does. You’ve had some stuff published (what are your previous collaborators working on btw?), which is a great start and will probably give you an edge that other artists lack. But, unless your art is Frank-Quietly-level-good I think you’ll have much more success targeting and contacting published, but less-established, writers whose work you enjoy. Show them a bit of love, big up their work, and offer your services for future projects. Tell them the sort of thing you’d enjoy working on etc. This seems to be a pretty standard approach.

I imagine the established writers at Image/Dark Horse etc all have well worn collaborators and a long list of contacts/potential collaborators - so how do you stand out? Also, why not take a punt on an up and coming writer? Every published writer got their break at some point. Anyone can pitch Image (and DH I believe) so why not make something happen with a talented newbie? Unless you’re Remender/the Chief/Kirkman et al I don’t think previously published writers are guaranteed to get picked up either - you just have to be good! Hope that’s useful. That, or I’ll get back in my box. :grimacing:

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You are right. I just want someone who is dedicated to what he is doing and not starting at zero to work with because in my experience EVERYONE out there thinks he is a writer. I even have my own story for a creator owned series here. :slight_smile:
BUT: I want to concentrate all the time I have on my art without thinking about the story details and dialogue and stuff like this. And regarding my “old” collaborators, they are too busy at the moment with projects to jump start right away something new.

There are totally lesser known writers active on Millarworld who have technically been published by Image Comics. Remember that the Millarworld Annual was put out by Image, and Mark Abnett who posts here on the Millarworld boards had a story in that.

Plus I was a Runner-Up in the Top Cow Talent Hunt, which led to me having an eight page Cyber Force story published by Image Comics.

So, I would say finding a writer to collaborate with who has been published by Image Comics is certainly possible.

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