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People can submit or place art tips for any artist, tutorials and what not.


Here’s a thing you can do that can help you do a pre-established character; A Reference Grid!
Put very important details and what the character would look like or need. Here’s my grid of Superman as reference.
Notice how I format it and take notes!


I’ve always liked this from Wally Wood:


He was an amazing artist, I’ll have to download this. Thanks!


Who is the Clark in the top left? What show was that? He looks familiar but I can’t place it.


OH! He played Superman in fan film stuff, here’s some of his work.
Here’s him in a superhero photo shoot and a link to a video



Digital brushes:

And this tutorial pretty much describes how to get the Dave McKean Black Orchid-era look:


Yes. That’s where I’ve seen him. He did a great job in it. The guy playing Thor reminds me of the one from the Incredible Hulk TV show.


This forums pretty helpful guys, keep it up!


Read everything by Andrew Loomis and pick up a copy of William Mortensen’s THE COMMAND TO LOOK


Famous comic artist Ryan Ottely talked of him, I’ll look into it!


David Mack talks about a book in his Kabuki series called The War of Art that I’ve been curious about. Anyone read it?


Never heard of it until now.


Just looked it up. Evidently, it’s by Steven Pressfield (Gates of Fire, Last of the Amazons). I really like his historical fiction work. May have to give this a shot.


Books-wise, these are the best I’ve come across for comics:
The original. Best book I ever bought on how to draw, changed my life (as a 7 year old).
Not only makes you think about how to flow your story across panels, this book makes you think about how the sort of line you draw affects the mood of the image, how the size of the panel can change the sense of time passing … so much good stuff.
A much more dry read than McCloud’s, but there’re some wonderful nuggets of info. The bit about letting panels bleed off the page, giving you a sense of space and isolation is fascinating.
Actually makes learning perspective interesting. Imagine!
Only read this the once but been meaning to go back. If nothing else it gives you the perfect CMYK tones for human skin.
A great reference for how to set up an atmospheric scene.
The best book on drawing faces.
A fascinating collection of interviews with the likes of Mignola, George Pratt, Scott Hampton etc about pacing a story. Mignola’s chapter is especially insightful.

I’ve got a lot more but these are the best ones I can remember from my bookshelf, will have a look later!


Holy crap, I’ll write all these down!


This looks amazing, I’ll have to look into it.