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Colouring and graphics - Gavin


I like all of them, but I definitely think there were diminishing returns: the first one, Daredevil: Yellow is my favourite, followed closely by Spider-Man: Blue, with Hulk: Gray quite a drop down from that.

As it happens, I just got the OHC of Captain America: White. Hopefully it will buck the trend.


Yeah you should give them a shot - I like Loeb’s writing and Tim Sale is great.

I actually liked Hulk: Grey a lot. @DaveWallace let me know if Captain America: White is worth checking out too.


Will do. Like you say, a Loeb/Sale book is always worth a look.


You could say it will “Bucky” the trend.

I’ll show myself out.



Hey Gavin
Nice stuff

Do you have a website with more of your work? Trying to find a colorist right now…

If youve got some time it would be good to chat. You can find my suff here;

All the best



Thanks man, look out for my email!


A while back now, I designed some shirts for The Big Glasgow Comic Page.


I did a quick warm up with the new Wonder Woman poster:

And some colouring on Spidey by Chris Samnee:


Fury Road - poster idea:


Been doing a bit of colour practice.
Joker & Two Face - Inks by Jock.


More colours - Inks by Daniel Picciotto.


Messing around with colours - inks by Gavin Fullerton


Big fan of this, @Gavin, really like the approach you’ve gone with for Batman. The Spiderman bits earlier in the thread are fantastic too. Nice work


Thanks :slight_smile:


Some quick colours on Luke Cage. Inks by Bruce Timm.


I did a front page layout for 50’s style New York newspaper. Let me know what you think.


Quick colour on The Shadow by John Paul Leon


Colour and design for a trade cover - illustration by Jock


Gavin your stuff is bloody good. Nice to see the t-shirts from the BGCP . When did they appear?