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Colouring and graphics - Gavin


It’s cool to see so much good art on the site. I thought i’d post some of the bits and pieces I have been working on recently. It would be great to hear some of your feedback.



Doing a bit of colouring recently.
Art by Jack Kirby


I did this one a while ago during some of that Fury Road excitement.
Art by Cameron Stewart


I also did a bit of lettering as a Daredevil logotype. Still wish I had got around to making one of these shirts for myself,


You can throw it up on Red Bubble, set it as private and just buy one for yourself.

Great work btw. I especially like the colors you chose for the Black Panther cover.


Thanks! Have you had anything printed from Red Bubble? I wasn’t sure what the print quality would be like?

I have got a few screen printer friends that might help me out with the shirt. We printed some Gotham Rogues shirts for ourselves a while back.


I’ve had a couple of shirts from Red Bubble in the past. The quality of them (shirts and printing) were pretty good.


Thats cool - ill check it out.


Seems that I quite enjoy the purple. Sort of reimagined cover for Deadpool.
pencils and Inks by Tradd Moore.


seems odd that you would use purple for “black” panther


I have a shirt from Redbubble that I was very pleased with. They used the nicer version of the Canvas brand t-shirts, similar to American Apparel in fit and finish but seem to be a little better quality. My wife uploaded a design that she had printed and it turned out very well too.

That’s one of the choices I liked. It suggested a low light situation to me.


Not trying to be negative but it just didn’t translate for me. Still a great image though.


This was from my own test page.


like yor use of colour Gavin. Impressive…


Colouring some Spiderman, original pencils and Inks by Tim Sale.


That looks fantastic. That’s coming from someone who really wasn’t interested in the Loeb/Sale color series.


Yeah honestly, everything you’re putting out here looks phenomenal. It definitely shows you’ve been at it and at a professional level for a while now. How long have you been coloring?


Thanks Ronnie - how come you weren’t interesting the colour series?


Thanks - but I don’t know about that. I haven’t been colouring very long.


They never caught my eye really. I’ve never been that interested in the era of Marvel that they took place in either. I may have to give Spider-Man: Blue a shot now though.