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Colourful Garvey...


If a tree falls in the forest could I still punch Garvey in the jugular before anyone hears it?


no but i can kick you in the balls as you TRY!



I’m actually not all that crazy about the over processed colouring in modern comics- a bit too much effects- lens flare, gradients, etc. Takes away the human-ness of the crafting of illustrated storey telling.

There’s a move to ‘post digital’ in architectural representation (my field) which I find much more interesting as it reconnects the mind and the hand.

I hope comics maybe go that way too.


I use very few grads…only did it in the above to represent the subset and ambient light…and no glows was trying to keep it flat…

My latest page…


Looks great- love the flat red daredevil :-). My comment was not a criticism of the stuff you posted above, sorry if it came across like that!

Just my feel for contemporary comic style trends in general.

Have a look at at website called Koozarch for what I mean about post-digital representation. It would be interesting to see a comic put together in a similar way I think?


didn’t think that at all, buddy!
No need to apologise…it actually resonated with me and that why i mentioned it…because it was a good point, some comic overdo those techniqucs…

Also just looked at Koozarch…god stuff…i’m sure i have seen some comics done that way, but i am drawing blank! :wink:


Not finished yet…but I’m don’t for the day…


i think THINK this is done?!


oops…had the effects layer turned off! :s


next one…

i think ive bitten off more than i can chew! :s

flats done…


I think Mar-vell is done!

Cap next…


What software are you using to do the colouring? Photoshop?

I quite fancy doing a page just for fun.


It is buddy…but if you can’t afford photoshop…and you have an iPad you can use a cheap software called procreate I know a couple of professionals who are using it…I think you need the Apple pen too…
Check out K Michael Russell’s you tube channel he dies stuff with both…he has three courses too.
It’s how I REALLY started :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool- I have full boonha Photoshop for my company :slight_smile:

Got any sheets I can have a shot of colouring?! :grin:


Not at home at the moment, buddy…
But you can get loads here:

All pre flatted and ready to go


Cool, I’ll give it a go soon. Crazy busy with real work at the moment!


thoughts on shell head?
@MichaelRea i’m talking to you! :wink:


It’s a good start!! :wink:

To be honest, he’s a bastard to colour. You need to have a really clear light source, and eeeeeverything will have bounce light coming off it. At the moment you’ve got gradients that are too large and not specific enough (like on his legs).

This might help, just because work’s too busy to type it all out. :slight_smile:


You da man