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Colourful Garvey...


Very kind of you to say, thanks


I found it much easier in the start to apply grey tones with some kind of brush and above those tones another layer with the flats. it worked much better for me because gray tones make every flat color look like I used thousands shades of the color. also its much faster and it works much better in -dark comic sequences- . after that I add another layer with more light and shines and I am ready. I hope my English make sense :smiley:


Cheers fella,

Another buddy, suggested working with grey tones too, but i am not sure how that would work…still a novice.
I am just following the lessons in the book! :joy:


I like working on grey tones if I’m making the artwork from scratch, but it can be a fight to get the colour to pop and not look murky.

This one was made in greys then colour overlaid on top:

And here’s how Adi Granov does it:

The only problem is the colours only sing once you’ve finished and you copy them to a colour, overlay and multiply layer, so you have to work partially blind for a bit.


that is fantastic!


Haven’t had a chance to practice me colouring of late…
But a really cool buddy of mine from twitter called a John McFarlane let my colour one of his pin ups for fun…so, @Bruce, this one is for you, fella! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


tweaked the background to try and make him “pop” a little more and give the illusion of depth?!


Haven’t had the chance to practice my colouring for a while…well, I have but nothing good enough to share! :joy:


No Optimus… Why?!?


Consistent lighting - nice one!



Same comic…


Because he is more than meets the eye…a murderer. :joy:


That could be the title for that panel.


A few tweaks suggested from my colouring tutor and this page is 100% done…



Your colouring’s really coming along. Love the textures (especially the blood)!


Awwwwww, cheers!
Wish i could take three months off and just learn and practice!
So, hard fitting it in around EVERYTHING else! :wink:


No consolation, but you’re well ahead of me in every area of the comic-making pipeline, so you’re doing something right!


well, you should 100% check out K Michael Russell’s youtube channel out…great walk through of EVER process.
i even did his course, so worth it…as well as being a great course, you get all his brushes, action presets and loads of stuff to practice on!
Good stuff!


got a chance to have a practice my colouring last night…thoughts?