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Colon Vs. Colon! BvS Versus CA:Civil War! SPOILERS AHOY!


Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice


Captain America: Civil War!

Have at thee!

(Mods, this is a place to divert future posts in other threads until it has eight gazillion posts - y’know, Thursday.)


I cannot see any possible way that this thread will go wrong


I only bothered to see Avengers 3: Captain America 3: Winter Soldier Part 2: Civil War.

So, uh, that one.


Hmmm. That one might need a colonoscopy.


I think we need more of these ‘versus’ films. The franchise mash-up possibilities are endless.

Peppa Pig vs Ben & Holly
Eastenders vs Coronation Street
Terminator vs Herbie The Love Bug
Poirot vs Predator


Already been done:


Karen Page vs The Pulitzer

Downton Abbey vs Hollyoaks

Agents of SHIELD vs It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Punisher In The Night Garden


Gambit vs Tim Masters


For some reason, I give an edge to The Penguin.


This just reminded me, season eleven is on Netflix today :grinning:


Tim fights himself? :confused:




Well, I think this thread will have a great discussion. There aren’t any rabid fanboys here right? The ones that start threatening your personal life.


No, but you may receive erotic propositions.


Um… :worried: