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Hi Folks,

We had over 1200 scripts entered for the MW Annual and maybe close to a thousand artists applied. People from all over the world wanting to make comics - it’s a beautiful thing. And with so many interested parties awaiting the results from Mark’s selection, the only guarantee is that 99.5% of those who entered won’t be selected. But that doesn’t mean you should stop making comics.

Between all the artists and all the writers this is a community that could pair together great talents who create the next big thing. So with everyone itching to do something creative, I want to use this thread to help people promote their ideas or their talents. MW Mods can’t do this for you, we can only create the community where you can make it happen yourself.

With all that said I want to say something quickly to each group:

Artists. Learn to draw from scripts. It’s the most important skill you’ll need to develop. Drawing covers and designing characters is great, but interpreting scripts, all kinds of scripts, is the most fundamental skill required in comics. Find a writer you connect to, or a story you’d love to visualize. Figure out what story they’re trying to tell and bring you artistry to tell it in the most powerful or interesting way you can. And don’t just copy what the big publishers do - the most famous comic artists have a style that makes every piece they create instantly recognizable. Bring yourself to your storytelling, and if you’re not sure who that is draw so many different scripts you’ll eventually find out.

Writers. Write scripts artists want to draw. Don’t go for talking heads. Every page needs an interesting visual. And every page needs to have something exciting happen. Write action. I recommend you look at the opening of Huck, or the final scene of Starlight, or the chase in Chrononauts. Study how Mark put those sequences together - just the right amount of panels, just the right amount of dialogue. Don’t be too wordy - comics usually need just the bare bones. Let the art tell the story where you can. See the story on the page. Break down your favorite comics and look at what makes them great. Write everything you can think of. Challenge yourself to write about a terrible characters or weird settings. The best thing you can do is embrace telling a story about any kind of situation.

Artists and Writers. Don’t start thinking the end goal is an accepted pitch from Image. That’s a big ask. Start with creating works that feature your talent. Tell stories you want to tell. Have a plan to just get things up online so others can discover them. You can start with here. Take part in internet communities where you can find eager audiences. Don’t think about making money at first - if you’re new consider this college. Get the skills you need, develop your talent. It’s amazing how much you can grow in a relatively short period of time. We’ve had posters here go on to be published with all sorts of companies, so this path has been walked by many before you.

If you’d like to collaborate with someone here’s the place to tell the world. Artists post a sample of your work. Writers let us know about your story. Don’t be too coy or shy - no ideas are that unique. Pitch it like it’s a movie pitch. Give us the broad outlines. And don’t aim for a magnus opus right away, pitch something that someone else can realistically work on.

Come here to grieve once the contest has concluded...
Can we still submit stories/art outside of the annual?


Okay to get things started I spent the last hour or so throwing this up for artists to take a look at if they’re interested. I came up with an eight page pitch for my idea Glint last night and this a short synopsis of the series itself and the first three pages. If you’re an artist and would be interested on working on it get in touch. I can definitely put together a budget too, if an artist is looking for compensation for their time.

The first pitch story is called Glint: The Case of the Immovable Thief and the synopsis behind the series itself is this -

In the near future, technology allows people to connect directly to the internet via their brain, but when an upgrade carries a virus that turns two thirds of America into vicious, zombie-like killers, an ex-marine called Hobbs and a mysterious young genius named Stove team up to survive. Years later the two are brought together again to solve unsolvable mysteries, only the two of them knowing that Stove is a fraud. His ‘genius’ is actually fake and he’s simply just been hiding the fact his brain’s still been hooked up to the internet all this time.

Page One

1/ A yound man and two twin sisers either side, their back to us. They are all holding hands and watching a TV. On the TV we see a smiling man. The room is dressed for Christmas, as are the two twins in santas helper outfits and the young man in a Christmas jumper.

TV: And it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for, the countdown iMind Version 4.0…

2/ The young man (about 19 years old, lanky with dark hair spiked tall at the front) and the two twin sisters (a little older, also with dark hair and pigtails) from the front. Each have a namebadge, Betty and Jenny is written on the girls’ and Steven is written on the man’s. Around each of their right eyes we can see a small flashing device attached to the side of their head. Behind them we can see an older woman and man, their parents, sitting on the family couch.

TV: Five, Four, Three, Two, One…

STEVEN, BETTY AND JENNY (IN UNISON): Five, Four, Three, Two, One…

3/ Close up of Stephen’s face as the light on the small device attached to his advice changes colour. His eyes are rolling back and he looks like he’s about to faint.


4/ Steven faints.

Page Two

1/ Splash page panel – From above, Steven is now collapsed on the floor, above him his two sisters are now purple skinned and look vicious and rabid, holding bloody wrapping paper scissors and a turkey carving knife. They have pulled both the parents onto the floor and have murdered them violently. There are blood and guts strewn everywhere. Steven is simply staring up at the camera (and reader) with a blank expression.

CAP: “Stove.”

2/ Overset panel of a tight close-up of Steven’s face towards the bottom of the splash-panel.


3/ Smaller overset panel farther down towards the corner of the page. This is a really tight close-up of Steven’s eye. A think silver substance seems to be leaking into it.

CAP: “Stove…”

Page Three

1/ Medium shot of two men, one a bit shorter, gruff, stuble, hair shaved tight to his head. This is Hobbs. The second man is Steven only about seven years older. He’s now called Stove and Hobbs is shouting his name to wake him out of his daydream/flashback. We can clearly see a silver streak across Steven/Stove’s right eye. A glint.


2/ Stove and Hobbs with their back to us, an old woman half their height brigning a photo of her husband to show them. They are in a study. The type of study you would find in a mansion with a library, old junk a big wooden desk, a spinning globe – that sort of thing.

OLD WOMAN: It’s okay Mr. Hobbs. Detective Glint is observing the scene of the crime and entering his mind palace. I’ve read all the books about him.

3/ The old woman shaking hands with Stove now. He looks uncomfortable and Hobbs, in the background, looks unimpressed.

STOVE: Of course, my mind… thingy. Do you not know anything, Hobbs?

OLD WOMAN: Stove Glint is the man so smart he fought off the Indigo Virus simply with the power of his mind. You don’t see him running around with silver eyes and purple skin murdering everyone around him.

HOBBS: Which is a pity, 'cause then I would have an excuse to put a bullet in his mind palace.


This sounds like a great idea to me!

Right now I’m not home where all my current writing projects are until later tonight. But I do have a couple recent comics in a separate thread in this subforum as a primer for now.

Warren’s comic thread


Great idea!

I have a few one shots sitting on my computer without a creative team attached.

RELIC tells of an elite soldier questioning his blind following of orders as he hunts down an ancient and powerful relic. Told through flashbacks as we witness the relic’s true power unleashed on a small group of insurgents, The soldier must decide if the innocent lives that are lost justify making the world ‘safe’.

If anyone is interested in reading the script for this one shot I would be more than happy to chat!


You can see some of my writing at or a two page script just below.


I’ve a few scripts from short stories I’ve had published/have waiting to be published if any artists ever want something to practice with… Remember they all have/have had artists attached to them, though. I’m not looking for anyone to draw them for print, just for practice! :smile:

Let me know on a PM and I’ll sort you out :wink:


Here goes. I’m attaching the first two scripts for an ongoing superhero story I’ve been writing. It’s been picked up by a small publisher with no art team attached. We can only offer 20% on back end, but it’s an opportunity to be published and do actual work. I’m going to post a brief synopsis, don’t want too many spoilers out there for those not working on it.

Harvey Dillinger was born with quadruple-sized adrenal glands which allows him to slow down time. Harvey now fights crime in his hometown of Chicago as…Adrenaline.

Adrenaline Number One

Adrenaline Number Two


Great new threads, Jim! look forward to seeing what comes from these.


Excellent idea, thanks for making this thread and encouraging this! Finding collaborators when you’re just starting out is one of the most difficult parts of the process. I’m a graphic designer by day, writing comics at night. I tend to go towards sci-fi/supernatural stuff. I’ve been drawing most of my own work out of necessity, but would love to team up with artists to create something cool together. If you want to chat feel free to reach out! My website is at

I’ve got a few plots and scripts in various states that need a talented creative team to bring them to life. I’m flexible on rewrites and edits to make any of these stories into something we can all be proud of. Here are a few pitches:

  1. (2 pages)-A heartwarming coming of age story that happens to be about one of our favorite monsters.
  2. (4 pages)- A therapy session takes a dangerous turn unlocking a long overdue confession and its consequences.
  3. (4 pages)-Walking home from a matinee movie with dad, a young boy learns about his family’s darkest secrets, as they take a shortcut through a dark and dangerous alleyway.
  4. (one shot) A mother takes a frantic road trip through the apocalypse searching for her lost children in a landscape that’s actively trying to kill off the human race. It’s Kill Bill meets the Walking Dead (don’t worry, no zombies)
  5. (one shot) A writer haunted by an ancient evil that’s slowly consuming her, is forced to flip the script.


The thread was all JimOHara but I definitely take credit for saying something about something somewhere one time.

Number 4 sounds great, I look forward to reading it.


I agree. Idea no.4 sounds great. I really liked Default Trigger from your website link in your profile.


So story/concept pitches to continue the conversation. All pulled from my loose ideas/story concept folder.

  1. ONE MAN’S HELL(12 pages): The story of a masochist who has died and gone to Hell. Instead of being tortured he lives in complete comfort and everyday is paraded around in front of the Damned to see what he’s missing.

  2. Nastaldi and LLoyd- EXTREME MIMES (2-4 page gag comics)- In my head this is done up in a looney tunes/animaniacs style I can’t pull off believably myself. Basically it’s two mimes that set up to do they’re acts but whatever they’re pantomiming is really dangerous. Like they do a complete mime act for setting up a bungie jump and then they both dive off of a bridge not tied to anything. Or they mime a sword duel, only to have one of them disemboweled by his opponents invisible sword. Etc. Etc.

  3. The CYNIC: He’s the world’s most stalwart defense against occult threats. His means of fighting against otherworldly threats and things that go bump in the night is to not believe in any of them. It turns out magic is only as strong as your belief in it. So he ends a lot of conflicts by punching evil wizards in the face while they’re summoning demons or casting spells of world domination. Even after the rest of the planet’s magical guardians are easily bested.

If he doesn’t understand it, he punches it until he does.


Thanks! Yeah I wrote it a while ago and then put it away. Would be fun to get back Into it!


Thanks a lot! Default Trigger was fun. I actually got it on boing boing and some other press if you can believe it. That’s the limit of my art skills though, so I’m eager to collaborate.


never a truer sentence said, my friend. :Dstuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


[quote=“JimOHara, post:1, topic:4409, full:true”]
Artists. Learn to draw from scripts. It’s the most important skill you’ll need to develop. Drawing covers and designing characters is great, but interpreting scripts, all kinds of scripts, is the most fundamental skill required in comics. [/quote]

An interesting related point I heard veteran 2000ad letterer Annie Parkhouse raise on their Thrillcast last week. “Give me the top 3rd of the panel for word balloons!”

She had some amusing stories on having to place speech coming out of characters’ kneecaps because no other space was available. So from her, read the script, look at the amount of dialogue/captions and make plenty of room for it.


Hey all! I’m going to go through everything that you’re working on over the weekend. In the meantime, please check out my ongoing project: Any and all feedback is welcome. If you want to get involved (I.E. write a script based on existing characters, or become an illustrator), I’m charging full steam ahead to publish my first graphic novel some time in 2016.


This is a really cool idea :slight_smile: I never entered my script because it was the first one I’d ever written and didn’t have the confidence to, but it got me into writing them, so I’d definitely be up for throwing some ideas around with the amazing artists on this page :slight_smile: I’m still out in Japan at the moment where most of my time is spent training or sleeping…so I’ll get some ideas to you all when I’m back!


Hey folks!

I’m Kevin Cuffe ( the e is silent, so think of hand-CUFF or CUFF-links) and I write comics.
Just looking around for various artists to collaborate with and my usual way of going about it is by asking what you enjoy drawing. I then search through my notebook to see if I have anything you might enjoy doing.
I’m writing some things now:
This is one of them, I’m also writing a few comic books with a couple of great collaborators that I can’t say too much more about at this time.
If collaborating with a writer sounds like something you’d like to do you can find me on Twitter: @anapple4eve or on Facebook under my name.
I won’t ask you to work on spec or for exposure.
( that means paid work)
I can provide references of other artists I’ve worked with or paid to do work if requested.

All the best,



Thanks for this Jim. This is something I needed to hear. Seriously, thanks.