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Coatbridge Comicon


Big day here in Coatbridge.
I will endeavour to get as many photos and videos up as possible


Spider-man is freaking enormous .


That’s a really good Mark Millar cosplay beside Ant-Man in the first photo.


I’ve never seen him in a green outfit like that.


Over here on my Twitter live feed of panel “Working for Marvel and DC”
Hosted by @Rachael_Millarworld
Leah Moore
Frank Quietly
Rob Williams
Gary Erskin
Sean Phillips
Duncan Fergado


Event poster and panel schedule



If anyone can check the live stream and let me know if the sound is good. Much appreciated.


I can’t believe you haven’t asked a question yet :laughing:


Spotlight on Frank Quietly
Coatbridge comic-con live stream


Honestly I’ve recorded Frank speak a number of times and this is one of the best.


Spotlight on @Mark_Millar

A few sound issues here


Cheers @RonnieM for placing topic in the right spot! I was in a bit of a rush


Oh and good luck for those who aren’t fluent in Scottish!



John McShane working In comics panel


These are great Mark! Thanks for doing them.


This is hilarious
Working comics with John McShane


First few minutes is a classic Alan Moore watchmen story!
Gutted I missed the first half


Amazing day in Coatbridge
Many drinks consumed
Many stories told (John Mcshane is the forest gumption of Scottish comics!)
Rob Williams, Simon Fraser & John Mcrea are legends and last men standing.

I’m ready to pass out. Good night folks!