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Clockwork Goat Comics Presents....#0


Hey guys,

Some of you my know that over the last few years i’ve started publishing some of my own stuff through ‘Clockwork Goat Comics’ (Prime, Harvey Spig, etc…) The next big project that i’ll be publishing is an on-going anthology series called ‘Clockwork Goat Presents…’ . and to celebrate Free Comic Book Day i’ve put together a FREE mini issue which contains two of my stories and is a tiny little taste of whats to come.

Heres the link -

and if the fact that its FREE doesn’t entice you to download it then check out the cover -

Anyway, if you get five minutes check it out and please, please let us know what you think, thanks.

Stu x


What if I’m not a fan of cats? :wink:


Then download it twice :smile: