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Click here for Reborn #1 covers by Capullo, McFarlane...


…Jock, John Cassaday, Frank Cho and ANOTHER one by Greg Capullo.



Wow. You snagged Toddy for a variant? Great catch.


That was the name that caught my eye too. Will be great to see some new McFarlane art on this.


You know I got to speak to him on the phone recently? It was ace! I wrote a review of Spawn Kills Everyone and his PA emailed me for my phone number, haha!


That’s pretty cool. I think he’s the one Image founder I’ve never met.



Here’s the McFarlane cover:

The Cassaday one is very nice too:


Very cool. Now if Mark could just snag McFarlane for interiors. :wink:


Both covers are great! Can’t wait!


That is gorgeous. You should really consider doing something with McFarlane someday, Sir.


Mcfarlane owes Capullo a great cover…:wink:


A Todd McFarlane cover, wow!


Todd’s truly the Oasis of the comic world - mouthy, globe-straddling success, seen as yesterday’s news and emblematic of everything wrong with comics in the 90s, but still loved, still garnering attention.


Todd’s still producing great work, though! :slight_smile:


You need to get some Beady Eye music, mate.


Nah, I’m alright thanks. :slight_smile: