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Classic feel-good movies in the Amblin tradition


What are they?

It’s a Wonderful Life
Field of Dreams

What else do you reckon?



Dead Poets Society.


I loved Flight of the Navigator, although I’m not sure everyone else remembers it as fondly.


Oh, and Back To The Future, obviously. :slight_smile:


Loved it, too, back then. What a weird little movie.

But that reminds me, what was the name of the one with little Ethan Hawke? Where three friends use an alien artifact to build a spaceship in their garage?


Flight of the Navigator had a chunky kid called David with unfashionable, black hair as its star. I was always going to love it. :slight_smile:


Oh, and I’ve never heard of that Ethan Hawke movie, but a quick google suggests Explorers?


Yep, that’s it. Fell kind of flat once they’re in space, but I still think that it was great up to that point.


My kid who is 7 just watched “Short Circuit” for the first time and laughed uncontrollably throughout. I’d count that one, though it’s a bit silly.


The Princess Bride
Guardians of the Galaxy
Breaking Away
The Apartment (if we are counting Wonderful Life)
The Last Starfighter
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


Flight of the Navigator was rated U in the UK but had the words ‘shit’ and ‘bastard’ in it, and they say standards have dropped.


That must be why I liked it.

Short Circuit is a good shout, Robert.


I really enjoyed Super8. They did a great job capturing the feel of the older Amblin films. Kids on an adventure, bicycles, clumsy youthful romance, it was all in there.


Batteries Not Included.


Huck :wink:


Naughty Ronnie.


I just stepped out of my DeLorean and it’s the best film of 2017. Your kids are going to love it. :wink:


I was going to say that one. I re-watched it recently on the telly at my mother’s and it still holds up well. I had forgotten Spielberg was exec producer, though with hindsight it’s got his fingerprints all over it. Also was surprised to see Brad Bird was the screenwriter, though in the 80s the name would have meant nothing to me.


It was at that point where almost every other film had Spielberg’s name on the poster. Some he was involved with a lot more than others.


Does Gremlins count as one of these? Because I, for one, LOVE Gremlins.


I always felt Gremlins was a bit too subversive (and scary!) to be seen as a feelgood family film.